THE PHOTOSTICK REVIEW- One-Click Photo Storage Device

THE PHOTOSTICK REVIEW: You used to have to take a camera around with you if you wanted to keep your photos with you. However, such camera would most likely be unable to save a large number of images. There is now a means to transport thousands of photographs and transfer them from one computer to another. That’s the Photostick, which is one of the most popular photo storage devices on the market.

The Photo Stick

Is it, however, truly worth purchasing? You could, after all, save images to your computer and save them there. You might be wondering what the benefits of saving images on a smaller device are. We’ll investigate why people buy the photostick and what it has to offer, as well as if it’s a suitable fit for you. This Photostick review is intended to be objective and balanced, so you can evaluate the pros and cons and determine whether the Photostick is exactly what you’re looking for in a photo storage device.

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What is The Photostick?

It wasn’t long ago that you had to carry a camera with you to capture all of life’s crucial moments. Despite the fact that many individuals have replaced their old film cameras with digital cameras, most people now have a high-quality camera built into their phone. You want to record such moments and look back on them in the future, whether it’s a vacation you go with someone significant or your child’s birthday celebration. Anyone who has lost or broken their phone understands the necessity of downloading photographs and videos to their computer on a regular basis, but many will have experienced a hard drive failure, resulting in the permanent loss of those priceless memories.

ThePhotostick Review
ThePhotostick Review

If your hard drive fails, you could lose all of your valuable images that you have saved over the years. Despite the fact that many people backup their data, at least 40% of people have suffered hard disk failure. It’s simple to lose all those files you wanted to retain, whether your computer’s fan stopped working or your pet knocked your laptop to the ground. The Photo Stick is simple to use because it scans for various file types automatically. It also features software that can locate lost photographs in folders on your computer that you aren’t aware of. Our study of The Photo Stick examines why this device is so useful and whether it is the best answer for you.

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Features of The Photostick: 

The PhotoStick Reviews
The PhotoStick Reviews

1. There is no need for any software.

As previously stated, ThePhotoStick does not require any type of software installation. As a result, people should be concerned about viruses or running out of storage space on their computers.

2. Memories are kept safe.

Photos are frequently used to relive memories and share experiences. As previously said, deciding whether one should be saved over another is a difficult decision. These painful decisions can be avoided with ThePhotoStick, a USB device designed to preserve memories safely.

3. Backup System That Is Both Efficient and Consistent

All photos are said to be instantaneously backed up, and the process is said to be continuous. So, regardless of how frequently photos are shot, all it takes is a simple plug into a USB outlet to keep the process going.

4. A lot of storage

ThePhotoStick has a storage capacity of 128GB, which is enough for 60,000 images. This is based on the premise that a typical photo file size is 2 megabytes (MB). Of course, 60,000 isn’t a precise figure, as storage capabilities vary greatly based on file kinds (such as photographs and movies) and sizes.

5. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.

ThePhotoStick is compatible with all modern PCs that run either Windows or Mac OS, according to the official website. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac OS X 10.7 and later are all considered appropriate candidates.

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How does The Photostick work?

The PhotoStick

Using The Photo Stick is as simple as using a regular flash drive, such as one you might have used for school or work. It has a USB body that may be plugged into an open port and has a comparable design. You won’t have any problems using the Photo Stick as long as you switch on your computer and let it boot up and operate. To fast backup all of your photographs and videos, simply follow these steps:

  • Locate a USB port on your computer that is available.
  • Before you plug the stick into the port, be sure it is facing up.
  • Allow your computer to recognize the device.
  • Take a look at the window in the centre of your screen.
  • To start the device, press the green “Go” button.

The Photo Stick is simple to operate. It examines your computer automatically for files with video or image extensions and formats. After that, the Photo Stick copies those files to the stick. This makes a backup that you can access on other devices as well as a backup that you may use later. The equipment usually takes roughly 60 seconds to complete a scan. When The Photo Stick recognizes which files it stored previously, it removes duplicate files.

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Who can Use The Photostick?

Even if you’ve never had a hard disk fail, you almost certainly know someone who has. Backup your hard disk on a regular basis, according to experts. You may save your files not only to an external hard drive or a flash drive, but you can also back up your entire system to the cloud. You can access your files in the cloud at any time if you remember your account and password.


For individuals who frequently forget to back up their computers, the Photo Stick is a useful tool. You can leave it plugged into a USB port and use it to set up future reminders. This will alert you when it’s time to back up your photographs and videos. The Photo Stick can scan and backup those files for you on a set date.

The expense of rescuing files from a burned or damaged hard disk might be prohibitively expensive, and it’s not always doable. At a relatively low price, the Photo Stick offers a straightforward option for backing up your images and videos. Because The Photo Stick is portable, you can take it with you on vacation to ensure that you have backups before returning home.

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How much does The Photostick cost?

ThePhotostick Review
ThePhotostick Review

·         For only $34.99, you can get an 8GB PhotoStick with capacity for up to 3,500 films and photographs.

·         For $49.99, you can save up to 30,000 photographs and movies on the 64GB PhotoStick.

·         For $79.99, you can get a 128GB PhotoStick that can save up to 60,000 films and photographs.

You have the option of adding a second stick to your order and save 40% on that device, regardless of the size. This brings the pricing of the 8GB model down to $20.99 and the 64GB model down to $29.99. You can get a second device for only $47.99 if you get the 128GB edition of The Photo Stick. You’ll also get a 60-day money-back guarantee and speedy shipping if you buy from the official website. Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, producers were able to dispatch orders to US destinations in as little as ten days.

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Where to Buy The Photostick?

The official website is the best place to acquire The Photo Stick. This ensures that you receive the greatest bargain and can take advantage of special offers that you won’t see on Amazon or other retailers’ websites.

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Conclusion The Photostick Final Review

Even if you take every precaution, even the smallest mishap might result in a catastrophic hard drive failure. A guest could spill a drink of water on your computer, or you could lose your balance on the stairs and drop your laptop. Hard drive failures can also occur as a result of a virus or because your computer’s hardware has failed. Some viruses are capable of completely destroying your operating system and preventing you from accessing your files.

The Photo Stick is a useful tool that may be used by anyone. You may plug it in and start backing up your files straight away if your device has a USB port. You’ll have backups of those files in case your machine dies. It’s great for movies and photographs, and it supports most extensions and formats, but it can also back up music and documents. While some customers found it to be ineffective, the majority of The Photo Stick reviews we found were positive. We felt safe in recommending The Photo Stick to consumers searching for a simple and convenient way to back up their systems after reading those evaluations.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is the PhotoStick compatible with your device?

One of the most common issues with flash drive items like the Photo Stick is compatibility, however the Photo Stick is designed to function with most PCs. It is Mac and Windows OS compatible, thus it will function on the vast majority of desktops and laptops.

2. Is it necessary to install ThePhotoStick program on the computer first?

Before putting ThePhotoStick® into an available USB slot, no apps or software must be installed on the computer.

3. How long will it take for ThePhotoStick to arrive?

Orders shipping within the United States will take 5 to 7 business days to arrive, while overseas orders may take up to 20 business days. When it comes to overseas orders, certain nations will be charged a combination of customs, tariffs, and/or VAT fees.

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