SHOWERTIME MAX REVIEW- Best Shower Phone Holder


ShowerTime Max Review

Could you please tell me where you are unable to use your smartphone? Just a moment! We have a good idea what the solution is. You’re probably thinking about the bathroom, bathtub, kitchen, swimming pool, beach, and all the other places where water is present. However, if you’re like me and have a smartphone addiction, you won’t be able to resist taking your phone there. So, what can you do to minimise the risk of water damage? If you have the same question, we will provide you with a fantastic solution in the form of an extraordinary equipment known as shower time.


What is ShowerTime Max?

Showertime Max is a water-resistant phone case that seals and protects your phone from water damage. It’s made to allow you the freedom to use your phone wherever you want without worrying about water or other liquids. If you wish to use your phone while cooking or showering, you can do it safely using showertime max. You don’t have to worry about the water as long as your phone is protected by this shower phone holder. Playing music, watching videos, and using your phone while in the kitchen, washroom, bathtub, or swimming pool will no longer be a problem.

showertime max

It works with any smartphone with a screen size of less than 6.8 inches. Furthermore, while your phone is within the cover, Showertime Max offers high-quality sound and maximum clarity of views. You may hang it anywhere you like with its easy mount option, and it won’t take up any space.


Features of ShowerTime Max: 

ShowerTime Max Reviews

1. Showertime Max completely seals your phone, preventing even a single drop of water from entering the inside of this phone holder. Because it will come into contact with water more frequently, the front side is double-sealed and airtight. The phone holder is entirely airtight and sealed, so the sound quality of your phone is unaffected. We can assure you of this based on my five months of experience with this device.

2. Anti-Fog Glass:It goes without saying that when you’re taking a bath, fog will form. However, there is reason to be optimistic because “Showertime Max” comes equipped with an anti-fog technology that allows you to have a clear view of the screen when showering.

3. Sensitive Touch-Screen (0.25mm): The Showertime Max has a 0.25mm sensitive touch-screen that allows you to control your phone from outside of the phone holder. You may also use this touch-screen to control the music, browse your phone, play games, and so on.

4. Fits Most Phone Models and Sizes: The major advantage of this phone case is its universal size. Any phone with a screen size of less than 6.8 inches will fit perfectly in it. We used three different brands of phones, and they all worked well.

5. Showertime Max is built in such a way that you may attach it anyplace you want without leaving a trace. Once you’ve placed the phone holder in a location, it will remain firmly in place until you remove it.


Advantages of ShowerTime Max

1. ShowerTime Max Reviews is sensitive and light to touch, and it has the power to make things visible and viewable via it, as discussed before in this post. ShowerTime Max has this as one of its advantages. You will be able to view your phone screen through the thin front cover of ShowerTime Max if you place your phone extremely well inside the waterproof shower smartphone holder. This is due to the type of material utilised in its production. It’s quite thin (0.25 millimeters).

ShowerTime Max Reviews

2. The material is also incredibly sensitive to touch, so you’ll be able to alter the music, answer your phone calls, and choose whatever video you want to view right now. Even if steam builds on the cover or a fog forms, the quality of the screen will not be affected; you will be able to see clearly through it.

3. Most cell phones and devices are compatible.

ShowerTime Max offers adequate room for a smartphone with a screen size of 6.8 inches or smaller. Because it’s ubiquitous and works with almost all devices. ShowerTime Max can also safeguard other electronics that are susceptible to water and other liquids, as long as the size isn’t too large. The gadget can be protected from water once it has settled into the area of the ShowerTime Max waterproof casing. Its measurements are 28mm x 1900mm x 105mm (mm = millimetres) or 1. 10 inches x 748 inches x 7.48 inches x 4.13 inches.

4. Holds up nicely against walls.

Many readers may be wondering how ShowerTime Max can hold a smartphone for an extended period of time without it dropping down. You are correct in thinking it is unusual, but we noticed that it adheres to walls quite well. It’s sturdy and suitable for all types of walls. It doesn’t leave a mark or even a trace after being adhered to the walls. You can put it anywhere you want it, regardless of how exquisite the wall is.

5. Protective method with a tight seal

ShowerTime Max’s sections are water and airtight, with the exception of the front, which will be exposed to water. It prevents even a drop of water from getting inside your phone. In terms of how near you keep your smartphone while cooking or even in the toilet, you may listen to your music as much as you like. ShowerTime Max is completely waterproof and can cling to phones. There’s no possibility of a scratch or a stain.


How is ShowerTime Max different from others?

·         During use, there are no variations in brightness.

·         It doesn’t pick up on any gleaming surfaces or leave any traces.

·         It’s simple to place it on the wall and maintain a solid bond.

·         A sensitive screen allows you to operate your smartphone with ease.

·         Anti-fogging characteristics

·         It’s all-purpose and may be used on any fragile item that’s prone to water damage.

·         For easy sight, the front surface is very thin and translucent.

·         The area is large enough to accommodate all smartphone sizes.

Where to Buy ShowerTime Max?

If you’re interested in purchasing this phone holder, I recommend ordering it straight from their website. This phone holder is shipped from the manufacturer’s official website, ensuring that you receive the genuine article. Furthermore, you may be eligible for a 50% discount on your purchase. To take advantage of the deal, you must order it from here during the current promotional period. When you order from the company’s official website, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee. This implies that if you don’t like the goods, you may return it and receive your money back.


Conclusion ShowerTime Max Final Review

Last but not least. ShowerTime Max Review is the finest Shower smartphone protection that is entirely waterproof and suitable for all smartphone kinds. ShowerTime Max is simple to use, with a flexible touch screen that can be freely touched from inside the shower or bath, allowing you to adjust volume, change songs, play games, scroll through the news, and listen to music as much as you want without causing any discomfort or damage to your smartphone. The best protection is provided by the universal size, which fits most mobile phones at a rate of 6.8 inches. With ShowerTime Max reviews, you can keep yourself entertained with music and video at all times in the bathroom, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, and other areas without fear of harm.


Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How long does it take for delivery to arrive?

Your location counts in this case; it takes a few working days to get the items you bought, although this varies by nation. The goods are shipped for free all over the world. You’ll simply need to double-check your address to prevent losing out on the merchandise you purchased. If you have any problems throughout the purchase or shipping process, do not hesitate to contact their customer care staff. Credit cards or PayPal accounts can be used to pay for your order.

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