The back of your phone has become valuable real estate. Stick-on card sleeves, magnetic mount plates, and phone grips in every size, shape, and material imaginable are now fighting for the back of your phone or phone case, which was formerly only home to cutesy case logos and hideous carrier branding. At first sight, Scooch’s Wingman Universal may appear to be simply another phone grip, but it combines an old-school mechanism with outstanding multi-purpose utility to create something that stands out.

Scooch Wingback Reviews
Scooch Wingback Reviews

The Scooch Wingback is a kickstand/phone grip/car mount hybrid, with the kickstand taking precedence because that’s what Scooch’s product does best. All it takes is a simple pinch to break the spring tape from its straight position to bent, deploying the Wingback as an instant landscape or portrait kickstand.

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What is Scooch Wingback?

The Scooch Wingback is an extremely strong grip that gives your phone a lot of functionality without adding a lot of bulk. You can now play music hands-free, drive more safely, take pictures with one hand, and run down the street without fear of dropping your phone. The Wingback is a super-slim phone cradle, handle, and car mount that prevents you from dropping your phone (and saving you money on repairs). It accomplishes this by acting as a comfortable grip that allows you to hold your phone securely without fear of it falling out of your grasp. What’s the best part? It can be used with any smartphone.

Scooch Wingback

Simply glue it to the rear of your phone, and it emerges as a strap, making it easier to hold your phone than ever before. Unlike a cumbersome case (which doesn’t even keep you from falling over! ), it’s quite stylish – in fact, owing to the metal springs that keep it out of the way when you don’t need it, you’ll hardly know it’s on the phone. Not only does it keep my phone hooked to my hand (even in the most bizarre of situations), but the kickstand function is so useful that you can now read recipes and make calls with Zoom hands free. In a nutshell, it’s the most handy and convenient phone app anyone has ever used!

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Features of Scooch Wingback: 

Scooch Wingback Review
Scooch Wingback Review
  • Almost any phone or cover will work with our Scooch Wingback. If you don’t want to part with your cape, simply attach it to the rear and you’re done! You’ll need one of these if you want to be sure your phone can do more.
  • Wingback attaches to the back of your phone or case, allowing you to use your smartphone hands-free in portrait or landscape mode right away.
  • Scooch Wingback immediately transforms your phone or case into a car-mountable gadget. For a safer, hands-free driving experience, attach it to the back of your device and put it on a magnetic car attachment like the Scooch Wingmount or on the air vents.
  • The pink shelf can be removed by attaching the Wingback to your phone or case. I’m sure you’re holding the phone with your little finger underneath it right now. Right? Stop! You can quit using your little finger as a phone shelf and reach into the top corners of your device when using Wingback.
  • We give 10% of the proceeds from your Scooch Do More accessories to programs that help victims of crime and domestic violence.
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How does Scooch Wingback work?

The Scooch Wingback‘s kickstand isn’t angle-adjustable like the Spigen Style Ring’s, but it’s easier to set up, more solid, and lasts longer. When you press down on your phone for a long-press or other gesture, the Wingback flexes but then pops back into place, unlike conventional phone grips, which collapse under the stress. The portrait orientation is ideal for reading recipe instructions, referring to notes on your phone while propped up next to your keyboard, or wasting time surfing through Reddit while waiting for a meeting to begin.

Scooch Wingback How To Use

Simply glide your fingers down the back of the Wingback and push the spring tap right into its polycarbonate slot when it’s time to pack up and go, and the phone rests stable and flat on the table when the kickstand isn’t deployed. We haven’t had the wing pop out of my pocket on its own, and my phone still slides effortlessly in and out of my pockets, purses, and holster owing to the beveled edges of the Scooch Wingback’s frame.

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Advantages of Scooch Wingback

1. Never let your phone fall again. – Wingback’s tight grip allows you to fully enjoy your phone without fear of costly accidents. Because of the improved stability, you’ll be able to take better shots and selfies, and you’ll finally be able to reach every part of the screen with one hand. Wingback can assist you in becoming a multitasking master, improving your selfie game, or simply “stopping the fall.”

2. No matter where you are, enjoy hands-free watching – The ultimate phone assistance, Scooch Wingback is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. But you haven’t finished your supper yet, so you’re planning a call to Zoom. Open the stand and complete both tasks at once! Taking a breather? Wingback is ideal for watching videos on YouTube and Netflix. The Wingback provides the optimal vision for both horizontal and vertical viewing thanks to its clever curved shape. It’s great for video calls, news feed scrolling, movie watching, and more.

3. Keep both hands on the wheel – not on the phone – and the Wingback handle transforms into an on-demand stand, effortlessly slipping into your car’s air conditioning vents – where it stays there. You can now see your GPS navigation, make hands-free calls, and manage your music while keeping your eyes on the road. Forget about messing with your purse or phone coasters; Wingback will keep you secure!

Scooch Wingback Advantages

Adhesive that is ultra-strong – The Scooch Wingback bracket is made of shatterproof polycarbonate, flexible aluminum, and durable rubber, and it bends but does not break. The built-in metal spring provides convenient functionality and is long-lasting.

4. Wingback handle raises when you need it and flattens when you don’t. Sleek, basic design. It’s about a quarter-inch thick, so it’ll easily fit in your pocket!

5. Wingback is compatible with almost any phone or case – Our Scooch Wingback is compatible with almost any phone or case. If you don’t want to part with your cape, simply attach it to the rear and you’re done! You’ll need one of these if you want to be sure your phone can do more.

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What problems does Scooch Wingback solve?

We use our phones more than ever before; they’re costly, large, and, regrettably, very easy to drop. In fact, 72% of people had their phones broken. Phone covers can help protect against minor bumps and cuts, but they don’t prevent you from dropping your phone like Wingback does.

Scooch Wingback

The Scooch Wingback is a three-in-one automobile grip, holder, and mount that not only stops your phone from falling out, but also adds a ton of extra utility without adding bulk. Support makes watching movies, making video chats, and even browsing social media more convenient. It also glides between your car’s air conditioning vent to give stable support for hands-free calling, navigation, and audio playback while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

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How is Scooch Wingback different from others?

Scooch Wingback Difference

The Scooch Wingback is an extremely strong grip that gives your phone a ton of functionality without adding bulk. Now you can stream music hands-free, drive more safely, shoot selfies with one hand, and sprint down the street without fear of dropping your phone! The Wingback’s remarkable multi-functionality is only possible because to the built-in metal spring. It will open if you press it; then bend it back to keep it out of the way. The Wingback is designed to fit into almost any phone case and is held in place with a high-strength adhesive. If you wish to remove it, it won’t harm your case, and because to its flexibility, the Wingback won’t crack or shatter even in the most extreme scenarios.

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Conclusion Scooch Wingback Final Review

The Scooch may be a great wingman for your Android experience, whether you’re looking for improved phone posture, a bit more grip on the go, or that pleasant click of pushing the Wingback in and out. A good portrait kickstand will urge you to raise your phone and your head, preventing neck ache now and in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Will the Wingback work with my case?

The Scooch Wingback is made to fit into any situation.

2. Will I be able to charge my phone wirelessly if I use the Wingback?

The integrated metal spring is responsible for the Wingback’s amazing functionality. Qi Wireless charging is hampered by the metal spring.

3. Is it possible to connect the Wingback to my phone directly?

We don’t advocate connecting the Wingback to your phone directly. Today’s phones have a glass backing that might be damaged if the Wingback is removed with too much force. We recommend securing the Scooch Wingback to your phone case instead.

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