REACT REVIEW- 7 In 1 Car Charger

REACT REVIEW: React is a charging station for automobiles. React appears to be a standard auto charger at first glance. On closer investigation, though, you’ll notice that React includes a number of tools and functionalities. It’s a multi-tool that could save your life, not simply a car charger. You use React in the same way that you would a regular car charger. It connects to the cigarette lighter (12V) port in your vehicle. It can be used to charge electronic devices. You can then use it to smash your windshield, call for help, cut your seatbelt, and take advantage of other safety features in an emergency.

React Charger

What is React?


When it comes to an emergency crisis, the minutes immediately after it are essential. In an ideal world, everyone would be ready to act right away, but that isn’t the case. There are a variety of scenarios that can occur without warning, such as a vehicle accident or other tragedy. However, the market for emergency preparedness has grown, and the sector is now flooded with items that assist people stay prepared in both overt and covert ways.

At first sight, React appears to allow consumers to swiftly charge their phones while driving, allowing them to stay hooked into the car at all times. While this device can also be used as a portable power bank, its phone-charging capabilities are only the beginning. This multi-tool can also help you escape danger and obtain rescue in five more ways:

  • With the “razor-sharp” blade as a seatbelt cutter
  • With the steel tip as a window breaker
  • As a flashlight with a super-bright LED light bulb
  • With the strobing characteristic of the LED bulb, as an SOS signal
  • With the long-range siren as a safety alert
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Features of React: 

React Features

All of the following characteristics and benefits have been described by the creators of React advertise:

  • React appears to be a standard auto charger, but it’s actually a multi-tool with seven functions. React may be used as a seatbelt cutter, window breaking with steel tips, USB charger, portable power bank, LED flashlight, strobing SOS beacon, and long-range safety siren.
  • React can help you get out of a car in seconds if it flips over or if you need to get out of it for any reason. A steel tip on the device has the potential to break a vehicle’s glass. A seatbelt cutter is also included, which can cut through a twisted seatbelt. Many safety experts advocate keeping both of these devices in your vehicle at all times, and React gives you both in one easy package.
  • Stay Safe at Night: React comes with a strobe LED light, a flashlight, and additional features that will keep you safe at night. If you’re in an accident late at night, you might be able to use React to save your life.
  • Always have a fully charged phone: When you plug your phone into React, it charges. It charges your phone both when it’s plugged in and when it’s unplugged. Because React is a power bank, it can fully charge your phone even if you don’t have access to a power outlet.
  • SmartSpeed Technology: The React has a charging system dubbed SmartSpeed technology, which claims to charge your phone to 100% in as little as 30 minutes.
  • React comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you a full month to test the gadget, determine if you like it, and seek a full refund if necessary.
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How does React work?

React Charger Review

React performs similarly to other auto chargers, but it has added safety features. React is hooked into a 12V cigarette lighter outlet in your car, and it stays on for as long as it’s plugged in. A USB port and a Lightning port are located on the device’s front. React will charge your device 100 percent if you plug your current charging cord into either port.

React works whether it’s plugged in or not. React is equipped with a charging bank, which allows it to store electricity for later use. When you plug React into your car, it will charge your gadget using the electricity in your automobile. Because of the battery bank, React can charge your device even when it is unplugged when your car is turned off.

Unplug React from the outlet if you need to use it in an emergency. The device’s bottom has a steel tip that may smash a window. To shatter a window, simply grab React in your first hand and hammer the steel tip against it. If your vehicle is flooded or has flipped, this can save your life.

Meanwhile, a seatbelt cutter is located on the device’s side. This seatbelt cutter is razor-sharp and can instantly cut through seatbelt fabric, allowing you to flee an emergency. You may become entangled in your seatbelt after an accident. A seatbelt cutter may also save your life or the lives of your passengers.

React has a headlight, strobing SOS, and safety siren to warn emergency personnel. These alarm features could save your life if you have slipped off the road in the winter. Many people survive car accidents only to succumb to their injuries because they are unable to be found. With its ultra-bright LED and loud safety siren, React prevents this from happening.

React can also be used as a regular flashlight. The device has a flashlight on top that is similar in brightness to the one on your smartphone. If you misplace something in your car, your flashlight can help you locate it. It could also be useful in an emergency.

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Advantages of React

How To Use It

As you can see from various evaluations, this escape program has a lot of perks and benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: Because we never know when an accident will happen, it’s best to stay attentive and have a helpful item on hand. Before the authorities arrive, the React provides you peace of mind that you can help yourself and others.
  • Because React includes a Lithium-Ion battery, it may also be used as a power bank. Its ergonomic form makes it a convenient item to carry about in your pocket for a rapid charge.
  • Safety: ChargeHub React evaluations agree that the React is a must-have for drivers worldwide when it comes to safety. Its tools are specifically developed to assist you in navigating difficult scenarios such as car accidents.
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How is React different from other?

React Overview
  • This seven-in-one safety gadget is always with you and can be retrieved quickly in an emergency. This is a multi-functional car charger and safety kit that includes seven handy items that can quickly assist you in an emergency.
  • This car charger and safety gadget comes with seven powerful capabilities to help you safeguard passengers and save yourself in an emergency.
  • This gadget will be immediately accessible and may save your life if you are stuck on the road at night, trapped inside a car, or facing other crises.
  • Other emergency tools are usually kept in a side pocket, on a keychain, in a glove box, or in the trunk of a car. If an accident occurs, such tools will be unavailable during the incident.
  • When necessary, the device’s multifunctional construction keeps it out of reach. It serves a daily purpose and will remain accessible to you in the event of an unforeseen or dangerous emergency.
  • What’s more surprising is that this tool is connected directly to a cigarette lighter port (12v) using only the highest quality materials and connectors. This makes it simple to get to in an emergency.
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How much does the React cost?

React Seat Belt Cutter

React costs $50 per unit, however if you order many React devices at once, the price reduces to $25 per unit. Here’s how the price works:

·         $49.99 + $5.99 shipping for 1 car charger

·         $99.98 for 3 car chargers + free shipping

·         $149.97 for 5 car chargers + free shipping

·         $249.95 for 10 car chargers + free shipping

When ordering 3 to 10 items at a time, shipping to the United States is free, however all orders take 1 to 3 weeks to arrive.

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React Final Review

How To Use It

The React 7-in-1 car charger is one of those tools that will make you feel the same way. It not only provides you peace of mind knowing that your family and loved ones are prepared for any type of emergency, but it also comes in handy in everyday situations.

You may not need to utilize the safety gear as often, but the torch will come in handy many times. Furthermore, you can use the built-in power bank or adapter almost every day (they’re really handy!).

The React 7-in-1 auto charger is a fantastic piece of equipment. Frequently, you will need to take a long drive and will need to charge your phone while on the road. As a result, the fact that this seven-in-one safety gadget and charger also functions as a battery source is a huge plus. You may also give this as a gift to someone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. With a full charge, how long does React last?

The length of time that React lasts is totally dependent on the function for which it is employed. The quantity of stored power, for example, might fully charge a phone’s battery. The power will provide up to four hours of illumination, similar to a flashlight or an SOS beacon. There is enough power to run the siren for three hours for consumers. The seatbelt cutting and glass breaking functions do not require any stored power.

2. With React, how hard do users have to punch the glass to break it?

Because of the metal tip, the user does not need to use much force or energy to break a side window with React. Consumers should, however, glance away from the glass when shattering it, according to the tool’s inventors.

3. Has the efficacy of React been proven?

Yes. This gadget has passed many tests on glass and seatbelts, indicating that it is as powerful as consumers will require in an emergency.

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