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PRINTX PRO REVIEW: Printers have become a necessary component of our daily routine. Whether at an office or at home, printers are quite useful for printing a hard copy of anything that is available on a smartphone or system. Printers nowadays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they print a wide range of materials. The concept of a thermal printer is one of the most common printer concepts these days. This is a type of printer that uses a unique approach to print anything utilising heat and thermal expansion of the paper’s molecules.

PrintX Pro

Photographers, graphic designers, and others that need to print photographs or art in a short amount of time on small-sized paper can benefit greatly from these printers. PrintX Pro is one of the most advanced thermal printers on the market. The most essential feature of these printers is that they are small and can print for an extended period of time without the need of any ink. Finding the greatest thermal printer on the market, on the other hand, is a difficult task. People must examine a variety of products before selecting the best one.

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What is PrintX Pro?


The PrintX Pro portable thermal printer is one of the most effective thermal imaging printers on the market. It’s similar to a Polaroid camera, with the exception that it doesn’t take pictures and doesn’t use ink to print images or anything else on little paper. Because the size of paper created by this printer is typically Polaroid size, artists are big fans of it. It connects to any device through Bluetooth, and it comes with a dedicated app for use on both iOS and Android. As a result, PrintX Pro is a fantastic product on the market.

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Features of PrintX Pro: 

Print X Pro has many characteristics that make it more efficient and effective than other printers. It will be an excellent business, home, and workplace companion. Let’s have a look at the features.

PrintX Pro Features

·         Instant thermal printing: Print X Pro uses the thermal printing process to print digital photographs. There is no need to worry about ink because it uses thermal paper instead. Other printers are generally quieter, faster, and more efficient. It’s possible to print photos, labels, and messages.

·         Backup and connectivity: It works with Android, iOS, and Windows thanks to Bluetooth 4.0. The built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery lasts a long time and can be used constantly. It contains a tiny USB connector for printing non-Bluetooth files.

·         Custom printing: PrintX Pro is tied to a default programme that allows me to print any file. The software allows you to personalise your printing with fonts and themes. It can print on thermal paper with a width of 58mm. It has a high-resolution 203 DPI print head for crisp printing.

·         Environmentally friendly: Thermal roll printing is absolutely non-hazardous to the environment. PrintX Pro does not require ink or cartridges. It’s also battery-operated, with low power consumption and cost. It doesn’t create the same noise as a standard printer.

·         It’s compact and light, and it’s smaller than our usual smartphone. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket. Suitable for use in outdoor situations. Print files that are required at any time and from any location. Professionals and amateurs alike will benefit from the tiny appearance printing device.

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How does PrintX Pro work?

How Can I Use PrintX Pro

Print X Pro Reviews makes use of Images that are reproduced via thermal paper printing. Instead of using ink cartridges like typical printers, it uses a special thermal paper that turns black (or shades of black) when exposed to heat and pressure from the printer. The method is often cost-effective since instead of ink cartridges and paper, you only need to spend money on economical special paper. It comes with a smartphone app that enhances the user experience.

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What problems does PrintX Pro solve?

Printing any form of picture or design onto any paper that suits the machine takes almost 30 seconds with the PrintXPro Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer. People simply need to load the paper into the printer, feed it the content it needs to print, and it produces a print in HD quality in under 30 seconds. This is an excellent option for those who need to print something small in a short amount of time. It can be used to speed up the processing of photos and their printing on high-quality paper. It’s more like a speedier Polaroid printer that works with any type of paper. It prints with thermal technology, which heats the molecules of the paper used to such a temperature that they chemically change colour, and the area where this happens looks exactly like the print that the user wants. As a result, PrintX Pro is an excellent solution for producing high-quality prints.

Who can Use PrintX Pro?


The PrintX Pro Portable Thermal Printer is an excellent choice for those who need to print art or photographs on small sheets of paper. This product is ideal for people who need high-quality content in a short amount of time with minimal paper usage. Photographers, designers, architects, and others can utilise this device for their work because it produces high-quality prints. People can use it in their daily lives because it works like a Polaroid printer but with superior quality. As a result, the product is an excellent choice for everyday use. People can utilise PrintX Pro in a variety of ways.

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How is PrintX Pro different from others?

·         A Solid Construction — The PrintX Pro is composed of tough, break-resistant material. It’s lightweight without losing durability. It’s also adorable to look at and would make a wonderful present for family or friends.

·         Great Fonts – You may use the app to choose fonts and themes to improve and colour your creations. Simply pair your phone with the printer via Bluetooth and begin printing whatever you want.

·         Affordable – When compared to more well-known companies, PrintX Pro provides a superior product that does exactly what it says it would without breaking the bank.

·         Ease of Use — To use the PrintX Pro thermal printer, all you have to do is charge it, turn it on, connect it to your phone or PC (with the appropriate driver installed), and start printing.

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How much does the PrintX Pro cost?

The following are the pricing plans:

·         For a total of $297, you’ll get 3 PrintX Pro and 2 complimentary PrintX Pro.

·         For a total of $197, you get two PrintX Pro and one free.

·         $99 for PrintX Pro

·         For a total of $249, you may get 4 PrintX Pro for $62 each.

Where to Buy PrintX Pro?

The PrintX Pro Portable Thermal Printer is available for purchase on the product’s official website. The product is offered on the website, and customers must visit this site to place an order. It is inexpensive to anyone and is delivered to consumers’ doorsteps all over the world for a fair shipping fee.

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Conclusion PrintX Pro Final Review

PrintX Pro is a fully functional printer that allows users to print and save a physical record of their electronic memories. The printer, according to PrintX Pro reviews, is a finished heated printer that avoids the risks and problems of replacing and replenishing ink. PrintX Pro is a fantastic Bluetooth capability that allows you to connect almost any device to a Bluetooth network and allows you to print your best photos in incredibly advanced quality and size.

PrintX Pro is so versatile that it will fit in your pocket and you will be able to take it with you wherever you go and use it right away without having to go to a store. Furthermore, this PrintX Pro is actually ideal for both novice and expert use. The primary benefit of this PrintX Pro is that it may save a significant amount of time that is required for ordinary printing purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is it possible to print from other apps with the Print X Pro?

Other Apps must be technically compatible with the printer; we will work with them and deliver the feature in the future.

2. Is an ink cartridge required?

There is no need because the printer head heats the thermal paper coating dot by dot and forms text or images.

3. Is it possible to print in colour?

Blue, red, yellow, and pink mono-color thermal paper can be used. Color picture printers are available on the market.

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