LIFEVAC Review- Does the Choking First Aid Kit Save Lives?

LIFE VAC Review: If you’ve ever witnessed someone choking, you know it’s a life-threatening situation that requires immediate intervention. However, it can be difficult to think clearly during times of stress, and using the Heimlich maneuver, especially with youngsters, might be hit-or-miss. You might want to think about LifeVac for peace of mind.


Nothing is more terrifying than not being able to take a breath. Choking occurs when something lodges in the throat, blocking the passage of air into and out of the lungs. When a person’s airway is obstructed, they only have a specific number of minutes before serious complications arise. While not everyone has the necessary wingspan to perform the Heimlich technique, LifeVac may be performed by anyone. LifeVac is a life-saving gadget that can help adults and children with choking problems.

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What is LifeVac?

LifeVac is an anti-choking gadget that helps users to clear blockages in their airways, lowering the possibility of a dangerous situation. The device is patented, FDA registered, and created in the United States, according to the official website, and it can be used by anyone, ensuring that even the most urgent situations are addressed.

lifevac review

LifeVac resembles a plunger in appearance, and the philosophy behind it is identical. The seal covers the mouth to assist remove any air that could escape, making it an easy approach to save someone’s life from choking. The device only works to draw out the food or object that has become caught in the throat, rather than risking pushing it farther down. Simply press down on the mouth to get a suitable position, then draw back to remove the impediment.

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Features of LifeVac

lifevac features
  • LifeVac is simple to use and can be used by anybody to clear choking. The equipment is simple to operate, and it is possible to operate it without consulting an instruction booklet. To clear a blockage, just attach the mask to the suction cup and press and pull the plunger.
  • LifeVac clears a blockage in seconds, without the need for repeated pumps or minutes of labor. Instead, the device should eliminate a blockage in seconds with a single pump.
  • LifeVac is a genuine, science-backed lifesaving gadget that has been clinically proven to be safe and effective. The device is made in the United States and is FDA-approved. Multiple clinical trials have shown that it can safely and effectively clear airways.
  • A mouthpiece for adults and children is included with every LifeVac order. The suction cup can be used with either mask. The child mask is for children weighing more than 22 pounds, while the adult mask can be worn by anyone.
  • LifeVac was created with the intention of being used by others to save a choking victim. In an emergency, though, you can use the device on yourself.
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How does it LifeVac work?

How Does Lifevac Review Work

The design of LifeVac is simple. It functions similarly to a plunger (yes, the type you would use on your toilet). The suction cup is placed over the victim’s mouth, the plunger is depressed, and the person is pulled.

LifeVac, like the Heimlich Maneuver and other prominent anti-choking remedies, will clear the obstruction that caused the person to choke if done correctly. It provides one-way suction, forcing the obstruction out of the airway.

A suction device, an adult mask, a child mask, and a practice mask are all included with every LifeVac purchase. When someone is choking, you store the kit together and then attach the suction device to the mask.

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Advantages of LifeVac

lifevac review

Efficacious and safe

LifeVac has been demonstrated to be a safe and effective choking treatment through various clinical investigations and third-party testing. Hundreds of doctors and medical professionals around the world suggest it for this reason.


Thanks to LifeVac’s easy portability, you may always have peace of mind no matter where you go. Because LifeVac is compact and light, it’s easy to toss it into a purse, travel bag, or other compartment. LifeVac even sells a specialized travel kit that may be purchased at the time of checkout.

There is no need for a prescription.

LifeVac does not require a prescription, saving you both time and money. And don’t panic if there isn’t a prescription; you shouldn’t assume it won’t work. Numerous tests and research have demonstrated that LifeVac is a safe and effective product with an easy-to-use design. In fact, LifeVac has saved 137 lives thus far, and counting!

Reasonably priced

You can’t place a price on your health, particularly in the case of a choking emergency. However, you’ll be relieved to learn that LifeVac is a cost-effective and life-saving solution. When you buy multiple LifeVacs, you can save a lot of money.

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Who can Use LifeVac?

When you choose LifeVac, you won’t need numerous life-saving choking items in your house. LifeVac is a one-time purchase that comes with both a child (above 22 pounds) and adult mask.

How is LifeVac different from other?

LifeVac has undergone extensive research and testing. Studies on LifeVac’s ability to resuscitate choking sufferers and save lives have been published in numerous prominent peer-reviewed journals. The American Journal of Gastroenterology, the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, and the International Journal of Clinical Skills have all published LifeVac research.

Among other significant industry events, the LifeVac study was presented at The World Congress of Gastroenterology in 2017, The American Broncho-Esophological Association (ABEA), and the Spain National Congress Society of Medical Emergency Services. Overall, scientific evidence – as well as real-world evidence – shows that LifeVac saves lives and clears airways.

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How much does the LifeVac cost?

Here’s how the price works:

$69.95 + $7.95 for 1 x LifeVac Kit Shipping

$139.90 for 3 LifeVac Kits + Free US Shipping

$209.85 for 5 LifeVac Kits + Free US Shipping

For $49. you may add a LifeVac Travel Kit to your order. All of the materials in the standard LifeVac kit are included, but you also get a clear carrying case for easy mobility when traveling.

Where to Buy LifeVac? or are two websites where you may purchase LifeVac. Each website has identical pricing.

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Conclusion and Final Review

LifeVac is a wise investment that could save someone’s life in the event of a choking catastrophe in the future. It dislodges objects from the throat rapidly and effectively. To use the mask, simply place it over your nose and mouth, press it in, and pull it out. The person will no longer be choking and will be able to breathe in seconds.

Is it, nevertheless, appropriate for you? We would say yes if you’re looking for a simple-to-use solution that gives you piece of mind. This is especially true if you live alone, if you are a senior or live with other elderly, or if you have children. Choking is more likely to cause harm or death in these situations, so don’t be concerned and buy LifeVac.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LifeVac

Are there any side effects of LifeVac?

Customers can use both a child’s and an adult’s mask with the device. For youngsters under 22 pounds, though, the strain can be too much. This technology, however, can be used by people who are wheelchair users, have illnesses, disorders, or other health-related concerns. You can even put it to your own use.

Is LifeVac safe to use?

LifeVac‘s designers have had the gadget tested by a third-party lab and put it through many clinical tests.

Is there a money back guarantee and/or warranty?

LifeVac offers a 10-day money-back guarantee. Within 10 days after receiving your purchase, you can request a refund. This return policy, however, only applies to LifeVac kits that have not been opened. You will not be eligible for a refund if you have opened the kit to inspect the device.
Only manufacturing flaws in the device or masks are eligible for a refund. If you’re displeased with the device, you won’t be able to get a refund. This refund policy makes no sense because it’s unclear how you’d spot a manufacturing issue without opening LifeVac. However, requesting a refund on a gadget like LifeVac is unusual, and the firm has a generous replacement policy for any LifeVac that has been used to save a life.

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