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KEY SMART REVIEW: As technology advances, so does the demand for basic tools and equipment. Many automobile manufacturers now allow you to unlock your doors and even start your car without first inserting your key. This eliminates the need to hunt through your pockets for the correct key. The door will automatically unlock when you get close as long as you have the key on your person or in your pocket. The engine may be started using the same key without having to remove it. Though you may not require a large number of automobile keys, you are likely to carry additional keys on a daily basis.

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You may have a few keys that you require for work, whether you’re a key-holder or manager at work or have other responsibilities. Those keys, along with the ones you use at home and any others you have, take up a lot of space on your key ring. You now have a simple and quick way to both store and manage your keys thanks to KeySmart. Having an organising tool comes in handy because most people carry at least five keys. In our comprehensive KeySmart review, we show you how this tool works as well as the advantages of purchasing one online.

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What is KeySmart?

Campers and outdoor lovers are big fans of Swiss army knives. Despite the fact that these small tools appear to be conventional survival knives, they contain a variety of tools. It merely takes a few seconds to release the tool you need for the job. One reason you might enjoy KeySmart is that it looks similar to this device. It has a patented S-shape that allows keys to be stored on both ends. When utilizing it, you’ll alternate the positioning of each key to ensure that it slides out smoothly and doesn’t rub or stay together. On either end, sturdy steel supports keep the keys from slipping off.


KeySmart is now available in a new style as well as a variety of colors. This updated design includes stronger steel poles as well as a loop. You may use that loop to add the key fob that you use to unlock your car doors, open the trunk, and turn on and off the alarm. When utilized with the extension kit, which comes free with every purchase made through the link below, KeySmart can accommodate up to eight keys. This key organizer works with a variety of keys, including longer and shorter keys as well as foreign keys.

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Features of KeySmart: 

keysmart Features

1. All Keys are a Good Option for it

KeySmart is a useful tool for everyone who uses keys at business or in their personal lives because it can handle all varieties of keys. It can contain not just the keys you need for automobiles and buildings, but also any longer foreign keys you may have as well as any shorter ones you need. The tiny keys designed for use with padlocks on a trailer or shed, as well as the small keys that secure your toolbox, are examples of these keys. You’ll also have room for a storage container and the keys to the filing cabinet.

2. There are numerous accessories available.

One of the things we enjoy about the KeySmart is that it works well both on its own and with the available accessories. Do you enjoy camping but despise lugging around a massive flashlight? You can see well and leave your flashlight at home with the addition of a tiny light. The bottle opener resembles those found on Swiss army knives and is capable of opening any sort of bottle. You can also spend extra to upgrade to a titanium KeySmart, which is more robust, and add a flash drive, quick disconnect/connect, or pocket clip.

3. Design with a small footprint

Other key organizers are so large and unwieldy that they take up more room than a standard keychain. The KeySmart is tiny, which is a wonderful feature. It employs the same design that made Swiss army knives famous, allowing you to fold the keys to fit inside the organizer. Unless you wish them to, the keys will not stick out or slip from the cover. The KeySmart is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 0.3 ounces, allowing you to carry it in your pocket or toss it in your purse without anxiety.

4. Long-Term Warranty

When you buy one or more KeySmart products through the link on this website, you gain a number of benefits, including free shipping in the United States and a solid guarantee. This guarantee is valid for two years from the date of purchase. Unlike some other warranties, this one does not need you to register your KeySmart online. All you have to do now is keep track of the papers included in the package, which will allow you to contact the manufacturer and claim your warranty. It covers errors that occur during the manufacturing process as well as damage that occurs during transportation.

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How does KeySmart work?

keysmart How does it work

Do you recall taking tests at school and hearing the janitor’s keys jingling from a long chain as he walked down the hall? Even if you only have a few keys, the sounds they produce when they bump against each other can drive you insane and make you wish there was a better way to store them. Mike, the brains of KeySmart, has his own set of problems. After coming up with the first idea for KeySmart, he worked on it for months, tweaking it to match his needs and the needs of others. Mike decided to make an organizational tool that was both sturdy and light by combining aluminum and stainless steel.

We wanted to make sure you knew how to use this device before we looked at how to put keys on it. This basic tool features two posts on each end, as well as a frame and a casing. To access the posts and add your keys, you must remove the casing. When KeySmart first debuted on Kickstarter, it was so successful that Mike was able to quit his job and devote his full attention to the project. KeySmart can help you keep track of the keys you need for work, home, and wherever else you go.

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Advantages of KeySmart

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  • Sliding design: KeySmart’s sliding design makes it simple to slip the key you need out. This design also works with larger keys, such as the Chubb keys commonly used in foreign countries.
  • The inclusion of a stainless steel hook on the end of the KeySmart allows you to use your main vehicle’s key fob. You may use the fob to unlock or lock the doors, open the trunk, turn on or off the alarm, start the car, and even roll down the windows.
  • KeySmart lasts longer than the competition, whilst other key organizers often fall apart after a few days. We identified a few people who said it broke after a few weeks, but the majority of them said it worked for months or more.
  • Colors that are fun to look at: Why settle for a dull or uninteresting key organizer? When purchasing the KeySmart, you have the option of selecting one of three colors for the improved organizer: red, black, or blue. Each color features a long-lasting finish that won’t chip or flake, as well as the KeySmart logo engraved on the front. A titanium upgrade with a gleaming silver finish is also available for KeySmart.
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Who can Use KeySmart?

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You generally don’t need this device if you use a key fob to start and unlock your car and just have one house key. KeySmart is for people who have a lot of keys and are tired of losing them. Not only may those keys make you feel heavy and stretch your pockets, but they might also give you a headache. You can store all of your keys in KeySmart, but you won’t hear them jingling and jangling as you move around. This is also an excellent tool for merchants at fairs and festivals. It provides storage for the keys to your vehicles, trailers, storage units, and other items.

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How much does the KeySmart cost?

The retail price for a single device is $19.99, without including the additional shipping and handling fees. Unless you live outside of the United States, you won’t have to pay for shipping and handling if you buy three or more KeySmart tools.

The cost of each gadget is drastically reduced with these bundles. The price per tool decreases to less than $12 if you buy the even pack, and you get free shipping. Not only can you use the gadgets to store and organize your keys, but you can also give the extras as gifts to loved ones. KeySmart’s creators also let you choose the color or colors you desire for each tool.

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Conclusion KeySmart Final Review

The more keys you have to carry, the more issues you’ll encounter. Those keys can not only make a lot of noise as they roll around in your backpack or pocket, but they can also poke or stab you. Some people even get scrapes and raw places from rubbing their hands against the keys. Another danger is that you can have trouble finding the proper key in a hurry. While you can label your keys with stickers or paint, you’ll still have to sift through the ring to find the proper one. KeySmart is an alternative that is one of the most effective organizational solutions on the market.

This tool keeps all of your keys stored and ensures that you never lose one thanks to the stainless steel posts and robust design. The tool can handle eight keys, and some users have reported that it can hold up to ten. With the extra accessories, KeySmart transforms into the ideal multitool for use in the garage or while camping away from home. We hope that after reading our KeySmart review, you will join the over two million people who have purchased and utilized this key organizer.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the significance of the Key Smart design being patented?

The manufacturer places a high importance on creativity and believes that everyone who is creative should safeguard it. As a result, it has patented the S-design that has been commended in most KeySmart reviews in order to prevent others from copying it. So, if you buy one for yourself, you can rest comfortable that you will not be confronted with a slew of knockoffs on the street. You will be a one-of-a-kind user.

2. What kind of keys do you think will fit in the organizer?

In most cases, all-metal keys are the best option. Keys with cushioned plastic heads don’t glide smoothly, which can make keeping them arranged in the Key Smart organizer a challenge.

3. Is this key organizer available for international shipping?

Yes! This product is shipped globally by the manufacturer. Shipping is free inside the United States. International orders, on the other hand, are shipped for an additional $4.99 in delivery fees.

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