FIXD REVIEW-Active Car Health Monitor

FIXD REVIEW: Car mechanics have diagnostic equipment they can use to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle. The service can cost you $50 to $100 or more, even though it simply takes a few minutes to put the gadget into your vehicle and discover the problem. Because you don’t have access to the same instruments at home, you may believe the cost is justified. Thanks to FIXD, you can now save money by doing the same thing a mechanic would. FIXD is a diagnostic tool that can be used to troubleshoot practically any car, but it works particularly effectively on vehicles that have a check engine light.

FIXD Reviews
FIXD Reviews

One or more loose wires can cause the check engine light to illuminate on your dashboard. You could drive for 100,000 miles without seeing that light. That light could come on the next time you get behind the wheel, leaving you wondering if you’re in for a costly repair. FIXD allows you to avoid some of the shady mechanics that prey on the uninitiated and determine whether your vehicle requires a simple repair that you can undertake yourself. It’s without a doubt one of the best On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) tools available. In this FIXD review, we’ll look at how to utilize the program and some of the problems you can run across.

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What is FIXD?

FIXD includes an OBD-II tool as well as an app that can be downloaded to an iPhone or Android phone. The app is available through the app store, which you may use on any phone. This gadget can be used as a diagnostic tool as well as an accessory to quickly identify problems with your vehicle’s computer system. It’s so little, measuring less than two inches on all sides, that you may keep it in your toolkit or car. When you keep it in your glove box or trunk, you can use it to diagnose problems that develop on your way to work or during a family vacation.

FIXD Review

The tool and app work together to provide you with information about your vehicle. You may use it to see simple data on your engine and other parts, as well as find out why the check engine light just came on or why your engine roars when you hit the gas. That information can help you maintain your vehicle more effectively and keep it running for longer than you might imagine. If you’re having trouble locating a trustworthy technician, you may use FIXD to diagnose common problems from the comfort of your own garage or driveway.

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Features of FIXD:

1. All makes and models are welcome.

You can use FIXD to find the source of your problems and maintain track of routine maintenance records if your car was produced in 1996 or later. We appreciate the fact that it works with all makes and models. It works just as well on a Jaguar or any other import as it does on a Ford or a local vehicle. Some people believe it can only be used on automobiles, however we discovered that FIXD can also be used on trucks, vans, and SUVs. Late-model and newer hybrids can also benefit from FIXD.

2. There is no need to charge the device.

Standard AA or AAA batteries are used in other comparable gadgets. While rechargeable batteries can be used with such equipment, you must ensure that they are fresh or charged before performing a diagnostic scan. FIXD is unique in that it does not rely on any form of battery. When you want to scan something, it’s always ready to go. You won’t need to connect it into a car outlet, look for batteries, or find a charger. FIXD will not deplete your battery and will operate even if your car won’t start.

Fixd Features

3. Reminders for Maintenance

Because it sends reminders to your phone, FIXD makes keeping track of your car’s maintenance simple. Though you should replace your oil every 3,000 to 7,000 miles, depending on the age of your automobile and how quickly it uses oil, you may need an oil change sooner. Every five months, FIXD reminds you to check and change the oil. It also reminds you to check your fluid levels, air filter, and tires on a regular basis. Though you may not need to refill fluids, rotate tires, or perform other maintenance tasks every few months, the app will assist you in sticking to a maintenance schedule.

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4. Optional Purchases

Have you tried purchasing a simple replacement part on Amazon? Amazon will ask you for information about your car, such as its age and model. You’ll also need to select a trim level to ensure that the parts are compatible with your vehicle. FIXD is pre-loaded with information on your vehicle, which it discovers the first time you run a scan. If you need a new part, press the purchase button to be taken to a screen that lists all of the parts that are compatible with your vehicle and allows you to purchase them from Amazon. The app allows you to purchase tires and even wiper blades.

5. Multiple Problems

While the check engine light on your dashboard may cause you to panic, you shouldn’t be concerned until you run a diagnostic scan. One aspect we enjoy about FIXD is that it can detect all of your engine’s faults. Other scanners allow you to identify only one issue at a time. FIXD will display you all of the faults it identifies at the end of your scan, no matter how many it finds. You may then calculate how much it would cost to hire a professional to fix all of the issues and order the replacement parts you’ll need for do-it-yourself projects.

6. Clearly Visible Warning Lights

An OBD2 scanner can be brought to your home by a mobile mechanic. After determining what your automobile requires, they can typically complete the repairs in your driveway or garage after locating the necessary replacement parts. You may not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a repair for an older car that is on its last legs. A car can run for thousands of miles with a clogged oxygen sensor, but the check engine light will illuminate on the dashboard. Even if you didn’t address the fundamental problem, FIXD gives you the option of clearing that light and turning it off. 

How does FIXD work?

You must first download the matching app in order to use FIXD. You can search for the app on the app store by simply clicking on the app store icon on your phone. The FIXD app can be downloaded and used for the first time in as little as five minutes. You’ll also need to connect the diagnostic tool to your vehicle’s OBD-II port. This port is normally found on the right side of your steering wheel, just below the wheel. This port may be located on the left side of the dash, below the steering wheel, or on the passenger side of the dash, depending on the make and model. If your car was built before 1996, you won’t be able to use FIXD because it lacks this port.

Fixd How Does It Work

The FIXD tool will connect to your phone through Bluetooth as soon as you plug it in. It brings up a screen where you may select the information you wish to see by clicking on it. You can even use the app on your phone to track data when your car isn’t nearby after utilizing FIXD tools on other vehicles. This is useful if you have family members who travel for work or a child who is attending college in a different state.

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Who can Use FIXD?

Buying a secondhand automobile can be more trouble than it’s worth, especially if you’re looking to spend $5,000 or less. You may require a second car to conduct errands or commute to work, but you may also require a vehicle for your new teen driver. A check engine light illuminated on the dashboard is a regular problem. While this could be due to a filthy oxygen sensor that costs roughly $150 to repair, it could also be a sign of a significant problem that costs thousands of dollars that you don’t have. With FIXD, you may plug in a tool on the spot and see the cause of the light as well as any other typical automotive problems.

Fixd Benefits

However, FIXD is for more than simply people looking for a pre-owned vehicle. It’s also a useful tool for folks who wish to take care of their cars at home or get a sense of what a car would require. The helpful software not only tells you what repairs you need, but it also gives you an estimate of how much they will cost. You may use FIXD to keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance needs, such as when to change the oil or rotate the tires.

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Which Cars Work With FIXD?

There are so many different brands of cars in this world. And many devices only work with half of these. So does FIXD work with all the car brands or only a portion of them? Can you use FIXD to fix your car? Let’s find out!

All your automobile needs to use FIXD is an OBD-II connector. Since every vehicle produced since 1996 has such a port, the likelihood that your car will function with FIXD is relatively high if you drive one of those vehicles. The OBD-II connector is typically located near or under your glove box.
You would be out of luck if your vehicle were made before 1996.

Additionally, FIXD will work with hybrids. The business is presently beta-testing diesel-powered cars and claims to have “had success with models built after 2008.”
So, now, if you own a FIXD, you know that all your cars will work with this handy device. So before panicking and rushing to the service station, as soon as your car has a problem, you can first check the issue with FIXD. It will let you know whether you must go to the repair center and have it fixed or whether you can fix it at home. Wouldn’t that save you a lot of time and money? Not to mention the gas you will save since the prices are now on an upward scrawl.

What Kinds Of Car Issues Can FIXD Identify?

You’ll be astonished by how much you can pick up from FIXD. The sensor, according to the manufacturer, can detect over 7000 issues that can impact your automobile and turn on the check engine light and many other signal lights on your vehicle.

FIXD says their app can uncover significant problems, such as if your engine oil temp is too high or your O2 sensor has failed, albeit it does not list all the things it can find. It can also let you know if your vehicle has any serious issues that require you to take it to a repair.

Additionally, if you decide that the issue the app has found isn’t severe, you have the choice to turn off your check engine light. Other dashboard lights, such as those for the TPMS, ABS, airbag, maintenance, and stability control, can also be cleared using FIXD.

FIXD can also keep tabs on your car’s scheduled maintenance. The sensor evaluates what the manufacturer of your car recommends for maintenance at each stage and notifies you of those recommendations once it is connected to your vehicle. FIXD tracks your mileage so you can make informed decisions.

Additionally, if you have more than one vehicle in your home, you can monitor all their health with the same app on your phone. All you have to do is connect individual FIXD devices to each of your vehicles and connect them all to the app via Bluetooth. From that onwards, you will have a full report on all your cars ready at your disposal.

So what do you say? Is this cut out to be your personal car maintenance instructor? If so, what are you still waiting for?

How Is FIXD Different From Other Devices?

There are other products on the market than FIXD that can monitor the health of your car. CarMD, Verizon’s hum+, Zubie Key, and other items employ a companion app to connect to your car to provide you with information about the vehicle.

The sensor seems to have benefited from being sold at the most prominent merchants in the world, which not all its rivals can match. The FIXD app is also regarded as one of the industry’s greatest user interfaces.

According to the company, FIXD specializes in simplifying complex issues into easily digestible language. The gadget informs you of the severity of the issue, the risks of continuing to drive, and the servicing schedule for your make, model, and year rather than providing you with a code or technical description.

The FIXD Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool emerged as the top when we evaluated several OBD-II scanners priced around and below $100. It offers repair recommendations in addition to recalls, dynamic data, and simple scanners. Additionally, you can also monitor all your vehicles with the same app, which is another added benefit of using FIXD.

Not only is the app so convenient and easy to use after you download it from the store, but the device is also handy too. It is not even half the size of your palm and will easily be plugged into the recommended port. It is not colossal like other car scanner devices and will easily get disguised under the steering wheel or the glove box without sticking out like a sore thumb.

And you don’t have to remove the device after scanning the car. You may leave it plugged in as long as needed, and the app will let you know when there is any issue with the car. You don’t even have to plug out the device to charge it since it automatically charges itself from the car’s port. Is that not convenient?

What About The FIXD App?

Once you connect the FIXD device to the car, you can get all the details about your vehicle through this app. It is lightweight software and can be downloaded from either the app store or the play store.

Your car’s information is provided through the FIXD companion app. The app allows you to check your car’s status and look for any issues. FIXD presents the errors in a tab and gives descriptions of each one because some of them may be vague.

To help you assess how severe the alert is, the app also lists any potential effects of a car issue. For instance, if your car’s O2 sensor fails, the issue may lead to decreased MPG and the risk that your automobile could fail a state emissions test.

The FIXD software also offers a graphic timeline of driving mileage so you can see what type of maintenance is required at various checkpoints. Additionally, if an issue arises, the FIXD app may give you push notifications to keep you updated on what’s going on with your vehicle. The device can identify over 7000 different vehicle issues, and the app will break down the problem and explain it to you in the simplest form.

Multiple cars can be used with the FIXD app. You can therefore install sensors in every car in your family and get the data from all your cars on a single phone if you so choose. You can choose the car you wish to diagnose in the app, and then you’re ready to go.

How much does the FIXD cost?


You’ll pay $59.99 for a single FIXD tool, plus a minor shipping and handling fee. A more popular plan is a package that costs $89.98 and includes two FIXD tools as well as free shipping and handling. Choose the three-tool package if you want the most bang for your cash. You only have to spend $119.98, which includes one free tool when you buy two at full price. Despite the fact that all instruments come with a free diagnostic app and a money-back guarantee, only the bundle packages in the United States include free shipping and handling.

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Where to Buy FIXD?

Diagnostic instruments are available for purchase at practically every auto parts store across the country. Some of those stores even provide free scans, but going every time you need assistance is pricey and time consuming. You can purchase FIXD from its official website to save time and money. This gadget is not only available at a reduced price, but it can also be transported to your home in the United States or abroad. Any FIXD tool purchased from the site comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and the ability to purchase as many as you require.

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Conclusion FIXD Final Review

When you get into your car and turn the key, you expect it to start up and take you anywhere you want to go. The check engine light, which shows on your dashboard and directly over your steering wheel, is a regular problem. You’ll see that light glaring back at you every time you look down to check your speed. You can utilize FIXD to see what’s causing that light instead of taking the day off work or giving up your weekend to have an auto mechanic look at it.

This useful tool does more than simply provide you with one of the 6,800 possible explanations for why you see that light. You may also keep track of your maintenance and look through a logbook to see when you last performed any normal maintenance. FIXD is simple to use and works with a variety of smartphones as well as vehicles manufactured from 1996. FIXD is a wonder tool because it is less expensive than other diagnostic scanners and is ideal for frequent travelers. FIXD is the perfect tool for you if you want to make your automobile last longer and scan for problems at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is it necessary to unplug the scanner once you’ve finished scanning?

One of the best things about FIXD is that you can leave it plugged in all day and every day. It won’t harm your battery or cause any other issues. You can open your app and take a fast scan whenever you want as long as it’s connected to your car.

2. What Does It Mean to Be a Generation?

When looking for this tool on the internet, you may come across sellers who sell the first generation model and others who sell the second generation model. The term “generation” refers to the program that comes with the tool, not the tool itself. The diagnostic scanning tool is included in all combos. Shoppers believe FIXD‘s second-generation app functions a little better.

3. Is FIXD Compatible with Foreign Vehicles?

Before you invest money on FIXD, keep in mind that it only works on domestic automobiles such as Ford and Chevrolet models. If you have a foreign vehicle, it may not provide you with all of the information you require. FIXD may only be used on vehicles in North America.

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