DODOW REVIEW- Sleep Aid Device

DODOW REVIEW: The Dodow is a simple light metronome gadget meant to aid sleepers suffering from insomnia or other sleep onset difficulties in falling asleep in under 20 minutes. The device is about the size of a hockey puck and is activated by touching the Dodow’s top. The metronome will be turned on for eight minutes with one tap, and the Dodow will be turned on for twenty minutes with two taps. After the timer has expired, the device will turn off automatically. With a lengthier single touch, roughly two seconds, the user can manually turn the Dodow off before the session ends if desired.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device Review
Dodow Sleep Aid Device Review

The Dodow illuminates the ceiling with a pulsing blue light. It starts off as a blue dot, develops into a halo, and then shrinks back to a dot. Users inhale as the blue light expands and exhale when the light retracts, following the beat of the light. Breathing slows down from an average of 11 breaths per minute to six breaths per minute when done with the light. The user inhales for 40% of the time and exhales for the remaining 60% of the time in this pattern.

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What is Dodow?


The Dodow device was developed by three insomniacs who found relief through breathing exercises and meditation. The Dodow is a simple device that integrates numerous sleep assistance approaches into a natural method of falling asleep. The 20-minute session may be most useful for sleepers who require an hour or longer to fall asleep. The eight-minute session may be best for people who fall asleep in less than an hour. The breathing exercise may take many nights to become acclimated to and relaxed with, according to Dodow.

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Features of Dodow: 

DODOW Features
  • Dodow features a straightforward and simple design. After all, it was created to make your night sleep easier and to assist you in falling asleep quickly. However, you won’t use it for more than a few minutes each night until you’ve adequately exercised your breathing to fall asleep deeply.
  • The Dodow Sleep Aid, as previously stated, is a little white disk with a white top containing multiple brilliant blue LED lights that project onto the ceiling. Many people were apprehensive that the presence of Blue Light technology would induce certain people to become even more awake.
  • However, because the Dodow is a medically approved design, many people discovered that using the intense blue light is the most effective approach to help someone fall asleep during the extensive clinical testing. Aside from that, the blue light is still shining on the ceiling. Because of its low intensity, it won’t wake you up while you’re sleeping.
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How does Dodow work?

Dodow Benefits
Dodow Benefits

The Dodow is a sleep aid that uses a light metronome to assist people fall asleep in 20 minutes using a natural, non-habit forming, and low-cost technique. The dodow device features two settings, which can be changed by tapping the Dodow’s top.

  • For an eight-minute session, just tap once. This option progressively reduces breathing pattern to six breaths per minute for eight minutes, making it ideal for sleepers who have problems falling asleep.
  • For a 20-minute session, use two taps. Those with persistent insomnia who take several hours to fall asleep may benefit from the lengthier Dodow session. For 20 minutes, the breathing rate is reduced to six breaths per minute.
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Advantages of Dodow

Dodow before after

Aside from the content of press releases, research have found that 30% of Americans admit to not getting enough sleep while taking over-the-counter sleeping medicines. Furthermore, utilizing prescription medicines might lead to addiction or dependence, and you will never be able to sleep without them. Dodow sleep aid creators came up with a solution from this technology gadget to prevent a situation where you have to take supplements that could impact your health in the long run. It is safe to use and has no negative side effects. Here are some reasons why you should use the Dodow metronome to help you relax your body and fall asleep in a 20-minute cycle.

1. The Ease of Using

In addition to health professionals, research has indicated that a healthy adult individual requires six to nine hours of sleep. Other underlying characteristics, like age and general health, may, however, influence how much sleep a person needs. Dodow sleep aid is one device that can help you obtain a good night’s sleep without having to deal with confusing cords or buttons. To set up a session before going to bed, Dodow does not require any experience. The sleep device does not take much room, according to full Dodow customer reviews and news information; you are set to go with one or two taps.

2. It comes with a variety of session options.

Not everyone falls asleep at the same time; you can have a partner who falls asleep almost as fast as you do; Dodow allows you to choose the session that works best for you. An eight-hour session is best for you if you are the type of sleeper who falls asleep quickly but still has trouble staying asleep. A 20-minute session, on the other hand, is a fantastic solution if you suffer from persistent insomnia. If the first session does not work, repeat the process until you fall asleep in a matter of minutes.

3. There are no interruptions to your sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, you may have heard or read in the news that one approach to fall asleep faster is to relax the body and reduce stress levels by turning off any device in the room that generates blue light. Dodow emits blue light, and you’re probably wondering how it can aid sleep. Here’s what happens: the blue light on this device isn’t as intense as it is on other devices. You may rest assured that Dodow will not interfere with your sleep; in fact, it may help users fall asleep more quickly.

4. Design that is easy to use

Dodow’s sleep aid features a compact form that is 45 inches wide by two inches high. Even if you prefer to keep your employees gathered around the bed, you will not be able to find a suitable location for this equipment. You may start the blue light that shines out with only one tap on the touch-sensitive surface, and you’ll most likely fall asleep within 20 minutes. With the battery, the Dodow weighs just over seven ounces, making it ideal for travelers.

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Where Can You Use Dodow?

Aside from the typical causes of sleep-onset insomnia, it can be challenging to fall asleep in a new setting, such as a foreign nation or city where noise is expected. The Dodow metronome’s most prominent feature is its portability, which enables you to utilize it to assist you in quickly falling asleep in a different location.
Its small size makes it ideal for anyone planning a trip to a new location. You must also be aware of how different places worldwide observe different time zones; you might find it difficult to adjust to a site with a significant time difference from your home nation. The Dodow sleep and breathing aid can temporarily remedy these circumstances.

So what do you say? Are you ready to finaly let go of the sleeping pills bottle on the bedside table? Are you ready to put some real effort into it and learn to control your breathing? Do you want to fall asleep as soon as you got on the bed to wake up fresh and relaxed the following morning? Click here, and we will redirect you to the official website of Dodow.

Every minute you waste will delay how much longer you will have to suffer with the lack of sleep you are getting every day.

What’s Inside Dodow?

Here is what to anticipate in a Dodox box if you decide to get the Dodow sleep aid:
● Three AAA batteries, which, when used commonly, should last 100 nights.
● a guide explaining how to utilize the Dodow sleep and breathing assistance

You’ll need a flat-blade screwdriver to open the Dodow device’s rear and insert the batteries. The technical specifications that a Dodow carries are listed below to help you better comprehend this product.

● Measurements: 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″
● 7 ounces of weight (without batteries)
● Battery-powered power source.
● Type of battery: 3 AAA
● Power usage: Several hundred nights
● Light output: less than one lux

Is Sure Dodow Sleep a scam or legit?

Sure Dodow Sleep is a great sleep aid for those who struggle to fall asleep at night. It’s a legitimate product created by a French start-up, Dodow that helps users fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer using a combination of light and sound. Numerous reviews from satisfied customers and medical professionals attest to the effectiveness of the product, so it’s definitely not a scam. If you’re looking for a natural, non-habit-forming way to fall asleep quickly, Sure Dodow Sleep is definitely worth checking out!

How To Use Dodow?

Despite this sleep aid device having easy functions, some people still find it difficult to use it properly. This is important, because the possibility of this device working for you largely depends on its proper usage, which is why you should follow the steps properly.

Although the Dodow Sleep Aid Device comes with comprehensive instructions, just to be sure you’re clear about everything, I’m going to explain it in my own words! Just follow these simple steps carefully:

Step 1: Place Dodow on your nightstand or any other safe place that’s close enough so you could reach it easily. You can also place your smartphone or tablet on top of it to avoid having to reach for Dodow in the middle of the night.

Step 2: Start the device with the touch of your hand & you’ll notice a beaming blue light is projected to your ceiling. This beam rhythmically expands & decreases as you inhale & exhale. You should inhale when the beam of light expands & exhale when it decreases.

This metronome light then slowly takes over the control to maintain 6 to 11 breaths per minute, which will slowly lower your heart rate to relax you for a better night’s sleep.

Step 3: The whole process is repeated as a 20-minute cycle in total by slowly decreasing your respiratory rate. So all you have to do is follow this pattern carefully until Dodow turns off automatically after the 20-minute session.

Still confused? Just think of it as a game, where Dodow plays the role of an instructor! If you make a mistake by either holding your breath for too long or forgetting to breathe, then you’ll get a warning telling you that you did.

Step 4: After 20 minutes of inactivity, Dodow automatically turns itself off. You can also turn it off beforehand by pressing the power button two times in rapid succession! Sweet dreams!

Who can Use Dodow?

The Dodow‘s goal of reducing sleep latency through scheduled breathing, relaxation, and meditation may be beneficial for the following groups:

  • Those who have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Those who are kept awake by stress.
  • When it’s time to go to bed, those who have a racing mind.
  • Those who suffer from sleeplessness on a regular basis.
  • Those who have trouble falling asleep due to worried thoughts.
  • Women who are expecting a child.
  • Those who sleep in noisy places.
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How much does the Dodow cost?

The Dodow is presently available for $59 per unit. If you buy more than one device at the same time, the manufacturer will give you a discount. The cost of two Dodows is $98, which is a 16 percent savings over buying them separately. The cost of three Dodows is $117, which is 33% less than the cost of purchasing the devices separately.

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Where to Buy Dodow?

You may get Dodow at a variety of online stores, but we recommend Amazon because it is one of the least expensive places compared to other relevant merchants. The benefit of purchasing Dodow sleep aid through this site is that you may be assured of receiving an authentic Dodow, as well as free shipping for prime members. You will not receive the free shipping fee if you purchase this product from other affiliated online shops, and you will likely have to pay an additional fee of up to $10 for the device.

Buyers who are dissatisfied with the functionality of this product can return it to Amazon for a refund. If you believe Dodow sleep aid does not provide the greatest results as described in this dodow review, you have the option to return it and receive a full refund.

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Conclusion Dodow Final Review

Despite the fact that Dodow is still a relatively new product on the market, it has a large following of fans who adore everything about it, including how quickly it helps them go asleep and how it allows them to modify their sleep patterns without stress. We would recommend Dodow to anyone who is tired or irritable due to a lack of sleep or who is suffering from insomnia.

Despite its small size, placing the device next to your bed can significantly alter your attitude toward night. All those minutes and hours spent staring at the ceiling and struggling to fall asleep could be a thing of the past. Dodow will offer you something to concentrate on while also assisting you in controlling your breathing rate. What could be better than a device that allows you to sleep like a child? Despite the fact that other similar products, such as Dodow, claim to provide the best results, we can confidently tell that none of them compare to this potent sleeping aid.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is it necessary for the user to sleep on their back for the Dodow to function?

Sleepers should lie on their backs to get the most out of the Dodow, according to the firm. If the sleeper is still awake after the session, they might move to their side or stomach to sleep.

2. What Happens If the User Remains Awake After the Session Is Completed?

Dodow claims that after the eight-minute or 20-minute session, half of the consumers will still be awake. If desired, users can repeat the session until they fall asleep. Dodow encourages users to learn how to fall asleep in eight to twenty minutes, however some users may take months to attain this aim.

3. Is it possible for the Dodow to wake up other people in the room?

The Dodow‘s blue light is dim enough that it will go unnoticed by anyone sleeping in the room with their eyes closed.

4. What is the significance of six breaths per minute?

Dodow used this clinical study based on yoga practices to come up with a breathing rate of six breaths per minute, with 40% of each breath spent inhaling and 60% spent expelling. This breathing rate had the greatest impact on blood pressure, heart rate, and vasoconstriction, all of which can make you sleepy.

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