DOC FORTRESS REVIEW- FireProof Document Folder


Doc Fortress Reviews
Doc Fortress Reviews

Among the goods you have are important paperwork, jewellery, cash, ID cards, passports, priceless photos of cherished occasions, and more. To put it another way, you have valuables that if destroyed would be a nightmare for you. What will you do to keep them safe? Do you file your documents in a filing cabinet, a desk drawer folder, or a closet tote? How safe do you think they are in a fire? How well are your assets protected against the most prevalent source of property damage, given that house fires are the main cause of personal property loss? You’ll need something that can withstand the flames. Doc Fortress is just what you require.

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What is Doc Fortress?

Doc Fortress is the most fire-resistant document folder on the market today. It’s built of the highest-quality materials and is large enough to store all of your essentials. The Doc Fortress is 15″ x 11″ (38 x 28cm), so it can accommodate standard-sized documents, jewellery, identity papers, and even tablets and computers. Doc Fortress is constructed from the highest quality materials available. The zipper, velcro closure, binding, and thread are all fire retardant, and the colour won’t fade. Doc Fortress is the high-quality solution you’ve been looking for, with a three-layer construction that provides maximum fire protection.

Doc Fortress

Doc Fortress is made up of three very durable layers that will protect your things against even the most severe flames. Non-itchy silica fibreglass gel makes up the outer layer. White fibre cloth makes up the centre layer. The inner layer is constructed of advanced, fire-resistant aluminium foil. All three layers work together to keep your belongings protected.

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Features of Doc Fortress: 

Doc Fortress Features

·         Exceptional Quality

Doc Fortress is made from the highest quality materials available. The zipper, velcro closure, binding, and thread, all of which are fire-resistant, are included.

·         Budget-friendly

The fire-resistant bag is less expensive than large, unwieldy fireproof safes and can be stored anyplace in your home or office.

·         A large size

It’s big – at 15″ x 11″ (38 cm x 28 cm), it can hold legal and A4-size papers, jewellery, identification cards, and even tablets and tiny laptops.

·         Protection Against Fire

They’re made to protect your documents and other valuables from fire and smoke damage. Water-resistant surface material also protects against water damage.

·         Free of Glass Fibre

In competitive bags, raw white fibreglass is utilised, which can cause considerable skin irritation. Our bags are coated to avoid irritation. There are no gloves necessary.

·         It’s Simple To Use

Fill the bag with your stuff and close it with the extra-wide closure. For the best security, keep your valuables on the ground in your house or business.

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How does Doc Fortress work?

Doc Fortress Advantages

This document holder is simple to operate. Just make sure that when you order this item, you double-check that what you ordered is what you get. After that is confirmed, take your documents and place them in the bag’s designated slot. You can also store additional valuables, as previously indicated. You’re fine to go if you arrange them correctly. We’ll spare you the rhetoric of storing in a cold, dry location, as this holder is impervious to liquids of any kind. This holder is simple to keep clean. Enjoy this product now and you’ll be able to tell the Doc Fortress holder from any other document holder.

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Advantages of Doc Fortress

1. Keep track of your papers: Having a well-organized file or document holder goes a long way toward ensuring that your documents are well-organized and not dispersed. The Doc Fortress keeps track of your papers and allows you to save them in a well-organized manner.

2. Your papers are now more secure: The Doc Fortress fire-resistant Document Holder is safer than any other document holder. Rust, heat, fire, fluid, ink, humidity, and other elements are all resistant to it. No other document holder can provide you the same level of security. The Doc Fortress holder protects your papers by storing them in a secure environment. It’s also long-lasting and resilient. And if you want to leave certain papers to future generations, having the Doc Fortress documents keeper is like having an on-the-go trustee.

Doc Fortress Review
Doc Fortress Review

3. The Doc Fortress is tiny, elegant, and simple to carry, unlike your huge boxes of briefcases. It’s quite portable. It is not only a portable document bundle, but it is also incredibly light. You may carry this stuff with you everywhere you go.

4. Minimize large losses by reducing risks: Have you heard of individuals misplacing their marriage documents, checks, receipts, hard drives, computers, and other valuables? Have you ever heard the news that said, “Jones’ house was damaged by a fire and his house was demolished, everything he possessed, including his precious documents, burned down”? Isn’t it crazy? If you think that’s ridiculous, consider this: it has the potential to destroy a person’s life. If there’s one thing the devil doesn’t want you to go through, it’s tragedy.

5. It’s budget-friendly: Compare the expense of acquiring protective equipment for each of your papers and valuables with the cost of having a holder that can store them all in the safest way possible with no problems. You will discover that, despite the lower price, the Doc Fortress is also highly cost effective. And its utility isn’t consistent.

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How is Doc Fortress different from others?

1. Fire Protection at its Finest

This fireproof folder is made to keep documents and other valuables safe from the effects of smoke and fire. The integrated zipper, Velcro closure, binding, and thread are all considered “fire-resistant.” In addition, to reduce the danger of water damage, waterproof materials have been utilised on the surface.

2. Large storage capacity and long-term durability

Doc Fortress can accommodate legal and A4-sized documents. Individuals may also protect their identification cards, jewellery, and tiny computers and gadgets, among other things.

3. Velcro Strip & Zipper

We can aspire for a zipper-free document folder to improve security, but we can’t guarantee that all of its contents will stay put. For these reasons, Doc Fortress incorporated a zipper and Velcro strip into the design. For further security, the pair suggests a two-stage closing mechanism. How can anyone overlook the waterproof feature once more?

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How much does the Doc Fortress cost?

To encourage people to use this improved form of a document folder, Doc Fortress‘s designers have chosen to provide a never-before-seen savings chance. Precisely:

Ø  Each Doc Fortress costs $50.22.

Ø  $33.50 apiece for three Doc Fortress

Ø  Each Doc Fortress costs $30.13.

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Where to Buy Doc Fortress?

Through the link below, you can purchase this product directly from the manufacturer’s website. When you click the link below, you will be sent to the manufacturer’s official website. There, you may learn more about this product and its specifications. There are also discounts available, and if you buy two or more Doc Fortress, you will receive a large discount and free presents.

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Conclusion Doc Fortress Final Review

A fire has the ability to utterly turn your life upside down. It has the power to rob you of all you own. Everything, including your home, lifestyle, and most valuable possessions. The subsequent sense of powerlessness may be devastating. Doc Fortress is a low-cost solution for preserving important documents and valuable valuables in the event of a house fire or other disaster.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is the bag fire-resistant?

The bag is resistant to fire. In the case of a fire, it will keep your valuables safe. Any firm claiming that their bag is “fireproof” should be avoided. There’s nothing else like it. Take time to think about that. A fire that burns a house to the ground over several hours will destroy nearly everything. Thankfully, that is a rare occurrence. If a fire is put out quickly enough, the Doc Fortress® bag will protect you. It’s a less expensive and more convenient alternative to purchasing a large, weighty “fireproof” safe that may or may not be fireproof.

2. Is there a limit to how many sheets of paper the bag can hold?

That’s a lot! It is 11.2 inches by 15 inches in size (28 cm by 38 cm). The bag begins flat, with little depth, but when items are added, the edges expand. To put it another way, a packet of 500 sheets of letter-sized paper (8 1/2 inches × 11 inches) fits neatly within it.

3. Is international shipping available?

They most definitely do! The bags are shipped from their distribution centre in Los Angeles, but they can be sent to any country in the world.

4. How long will it take for the order to be delivered?

Your Doc Fortress will most likely arrive in 14-20 days or less.

5. What is the cost of shipping?

There is no cost for shipping.

6. Has the bag been put through a fire test at a lab?

Absolutely! The bag was tested against two distinct North American fire standards by an independent lab. All of the tests were passed with flying colours.

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