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To carry your favourite beverage, almost every vehicle has a cup holder. Some, however, are too tiny or awkwardly positioned to accommodate certain cups or bottles. Liquids can leak if they are not secured. With aftermarket cup holders, you can prevent a crowded vehicle or truck interior. So, what’s the greatest cup holder for your car? How can you know which one will provide you the greatest outcomes for all of your requirements? We’ll go through the finest cup holder for your car in the section below.


You may keep all of your favourite items in your cup holder. Everything from large water bottles to French fries, as well as small salad containers, may be stored in the new CupStation. If you need additional storage space in your car, CupStation is the way to go. CupStation is based in the lovely city of McHenry, Illinois, and offers free and quick shipping throughout the United States. The CupStation is a multifunctional cup holder that retains any object more firmly than standard cup holders used in automobiles. Many people are still drawn to it because of its adaptable design and supposedly limitless potential.

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What is CupStation?

CupStation Reviews
CupStation Reviews

CupStation is marketed as a multi-purpose cup holder that is more likely to keep any object in place than traditional cup holders built into a car. Individuals may twist its arms to accommodate almost anything from store-bought coffee and a water bottle to salad platters, vitamin bottles, and even tissue boxes after it is set up as directed. Many people have been drawn to it because of the numerous applications that result from its adaptable design. Taking everything into consideration, the best way for people to completely comprehend the CupStation’s benefits is to go over its list of features.

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Features of CupStation: 

cupstation features

1.  Large Bottles Can Be Accommodated Because It Is Extendable

The arms of the CupStation may stretch over 6 inches to fit the most common water bottle brands and fast food cups. The holes between the arms may also be used to fasten a coffee mug handle, creating a multifunctional storage solution.

2.  Increase the Cup Holder’s Space by a Factor of Two

The rotating platform of the CupStation integrates the vehicle’s original cup holders and expands the available storage space. Cell phones, keys, cash, pencils, sunglasses, drinks, and other items may all be stored safely while yet being conveniently accessible.

3.  The 360° Design Is Easy To Use

You may alter the placement of the cupholder by rotating the CupStation by hand. The location has been adjusted to better fit the available space in the vehicle and provide the most easy access to your beverages. Stack the cup holders vertically to conserve space, or spin the upper cup holder 360° to get the desired configuration.

4.  Sizing Across the Board

Most standard-sized cup holders will fit in the base design. Foam spacers are included with the CupStation for a more secure fit in cup holders, as well as stability and less vibration when driving. Cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, golf carts, RVs, and other vehicles with a cup holder are all compatible.

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Advantages of CupStation

Benefits of CupStation

·         Large enough to fit even the heaviest of goods

CupStation can handle any size, whether it’s big or small, tall or short! Large things such as hydro flasks, XXL soda cups, coffee mugs, food containers, and accessories may be accommodated by the CupStation’s adjustable arms, which reach over six inches.

·         The 2-in-1 design gives you twice as much space.

CupStation expands any single cup holder into two, giving you double the storage capacity without cluttering up your car. The CupStation’s 360° swivel allows you to easily manoeuvre it to the perfect spot.

·         Almost Any Vehicle Compatibility

CupStation works with a variety of cup holders, including dropdown and standard cup holders. It’s similarly straightforward to assemble, although you’ll have to fit it into an existing cupholder.

·         This is a very safe hold.

Because it’s rock-steady, the CupStation and the cup in its adjustable foam spacers provide a solid fit in any cup holder.

·         Designed to Last and Built to Impress

CupStation is also compatible with a wide range of cup holders, including dropdown and standard versions. It fits perfectly into your current cupholder, making installation a snap.

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What problems does CupStation solve?

CupStation is great since it keeps food messes and spills to a minimum. The following are some of the things that this device may assist you with:

cupstation It fits in any vehicle that has a cup holder
  • It’s not only for big drinks. It can also handle large beverages.
  • It’s ready to use right away.
  • Two beverages may easily fit in one place, whereas ordinary cups only have one. At any moment, CupStation can carry two beverages or goods.
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How is CupStation different from others?

cupstation Very Expandable
  • Adhesive foam spacers may be adjusted to fit tightly in any up holder and can be used in any vehicle. The cup holder also fits nicely in my husband’s car’s cup holder!
  • CupStation holds two beverages at once, unlike normal automobile cup holders, which generally only hold one (a small one at that).
  • Can handle huge and extremely heavy beverages — The CupStation also has a surprising amount of strength! It will contain your hydro flask, Big Gulp, or super-sized milkshake or coffee no matter how full it is.
  • Is completely adjustable — This cup holder can hold whatever a cup holder can hold, yet it will not slip or fall out.
  • Up to 360° rotation – The CupStation is simple to pivot or rotate, allowing you to keep your items close at reach.
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How much does the CupStation cost?

CupStation is available at three distinct price levels, each of which varies depending on the quantity bought. Precisely:

·         Each CupStation unit costs CAD$39.41.

·         CAD$35.03 for 3 CupStation units

·         CAD$31.53 for 5 CupStation units

Where to Buy CupStation?

You can only buy CupStation directly from its official website.

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Conclusion CupStation Final Review

Finally, the CupStation cup holder extension was created to alleviate the limitations imposed by integrated cup holders in any car, boat, stroller, or other device. Flexibility, greater security and storage, and decreased spills and stains are all features of this innovative cup holder design. In fact, this invention makes us wonder why ordinary cup holders were created in the first place since they can’t carry anything other than cups. These arguments alone are enough to persuade people of its merits, not to mention a team of specialists who have subsequently been lauded for their ingenuity.

CupStation Review
CupStation Review

Given that the average family in the United States and Canada has two automobiles, bulk orders appear to be the most obvious option. In most cases, the larger the order, the more money you save each unit, which is always a benefit! Finally, CupStation may be a fantastic present for anyone who is frustrated by their vehicle’s lack of cupholder security.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is there any chance this will fit in a cup holder?

Yes, CupStation has designs that will fit in every cup holder! It is, without a doubt, a one-size-fits-all strategy! Cupstation comes with 16 foam spacers that may be used to quickly change the size and location of the CupStation.

2. What cleaning method do you use?

Use soap and water or a sanitising cloth to clean the CupStation.

3. Is there a limit to how much weight it can take?

Up to 5 pounds can be easily supported by your CupStation.

4. When it comes to storage, how little can you go?

CupStation is quite small when not expanded to hold items.

5. Is there a return policy at CupStation?

CupStation does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. A person must first obtain the customer’s consent before returning products.


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