COVERLASTIC REVIEW- Best Ready-Made Slipcovers

COVERLASTIC REVIEW: Sofa covers aren’t new, but they’ve gotten a lot better in recent years, and they are now available in a variety of colours and sizes to really help you step up your sofa style game, so you can achieve the look of a designer couch without spending a lot of money. It also means you may keep your beloved and comfortable sofa but change the print to give your space a fresh lease on life while saving money. Transforming your house does not have to be expensive. You may sometimes transform the entire view of a room by adjusting just one thing.

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What is Coverlastic?

Coverlastic Sofa Cover is another sofa cover that is designed to protect your couches from damage, spills, and stains while also adding style to your home. It may also be utilised to disguise older love chairs that you don’t want to get rid of. Whether your lounge chair is brand new or several years old, a washable Coverlastic will help keep it looking great. They are an excellent solution if you have children, frequently spill items on the love seat, or simply enjoy spending time with your partner while pet sitting.

Coverlastic Sofa Cover

Every home has to be updated every now and then. A front room is one of the most often used areas in a home, serving as a gathering spot for conversation, relaxation, and harmony. Nonetheless, the totality of this traffic has the potential to cause significant damage to long-haul sofas, chairs, and other seating zones. A new lounge chair may cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars, and the vast majority of people don’t have that kind of money laying around. Getting another household item past the front door, even if cash isn’t an issue, may be frustrating.

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Features of Coverlastic: 

Coverlastic Sofa Cover Features
  • Waterproof: The Coverlastic sofa cover is constructed of high-quality, fluid-resistant fabrics. Coverlastic has you covered for spills and sprinkles.
  • All-in-one solution: It comes in four different kinds. Your lounge chair, rocker, love seat, or even your XL couch/bed may all be covered. To ensure that it fits all sizes, it is made of an elastic and adaptable material.
  • Pet-Friendly: Pets like clawing and creating a mess on the furniture. Coverlastic protects against stains and comes with a scented salts refreshing finish. The antiperspirant layer protects against odours and bacteria.
  • Replaces thoughtful solaces: Replacing your furniture is a huge undertaking and a daunting task. You can make your worn-out loveseat appear like new and save money at the same time by using a Coverlastic sofa cover.
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How does Coverlastic work?


Coverlastic Sofa Cover is simple to put together. Here’s how to put your new Coverlastic cover together step by step:

·         Step 1: Remove any cushions you may have on your love couch. Place the BACK label in the centre of the back of the sofa. Stretch the Slip cover from front to back over your love couch.

·         Step 2: Wrap the cover around the armrests from one end to the other. Remove the slipcover off the back of your couch as well.

·         Step 3: Pull the drawstrings to the sides of the bag.

·         Step 4: For more stability, tighten the drawstrings at the bottom of the sofa.

·         Step 5: Tuck anti-slip foam rollers into the crevices between the couch cushions.

·         Step 6: Finish up by smoothing and tucking any extra fabric.

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Who can Use Coverlastic?

These are the folks that genuinely require this couch cover in real life, but anybody and everyone may use it because of its appealing and refreshing appearance:

  • Pet owners should be aware of stains, hair, scratches, and rips. We adore our pets, but our couches deserve better treatment. Coverlastic will ensure that your small ones have a safe and enjoyable time.
  • Suitable for Families: Children and messes are inextricably linked. Any parent is aware of this truth. Your youngsters may play without staining your sofa thanks to Coverlastic. Put the cover in the washing machine once it’s filthy. Simple and quick.
  • For Smart Savers: Do you have a favourite couch spot? Everyone does, and everyone can see the crease. Cover it with Coverlastic now to restore your sofa’s original immaculate appearance.
  • For Tenants: Are you renting out your home to strangers? House parties on a regular basis and careless renters might cause irreparable harm to your valuables. Coverlastic will protect your furniture.
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How is Coverlastic different from others?

This sofa cover is an absolute must-have. There won’t be any stains, and there won’t be any fuss. Coverlastic Sofa Cover allows you to recover your living room. Allow yourself to be free. We understand how difficult it is to unwind on your beloved couch while continuously worrying about stains and spills. Coverlastic lets you forget about the stresses of regular life. Simply place it on the couch and relax like never before. Your living space will be revitalised with Coverlastic couch coverings.

Replacing worn-out furniture is a difficult process. It’s much more difficult if you have to part with the old family couch that holds so many fond memories. Why should you get rid of things you enjoy? Coverlastic repairs and revives faded beauty. We all know that having kids and having pets equals a lot of mess. As a pet owner and a mother, keeping your house tidy is difficult. Nothing makes you happier than seeing your children snuggle with your dogs. Now you can do it without worrying about the inevitable messes. Coverlastic is water resistant and machine washable, with an ammonia deodorising treatment that keeps microorganisms at bay. Coverlastic couch cover allows you to relax and enjoy the important moments. It also protects against ripping.

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How much does the Coverlastic cost?

You may simply order Coverlastic directly from the manufacturer. They provide fantastic incentives to first-time customers on their official website. You can obtain,

·         Chair Coverlastic is $44.99

·         $59.99 for Love Seat Coverlastic

·         At $79.99, you can get a coverlastic for your sofa.

·         $89.99 for XL Sofa Coverlastic

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Conclusion Coverlastic Final Review

When it comes to couch covers, you have to make a choice between two options. You may not pick the best-looking cover if you want a sturdy one. The size you desire may not be available if you want something pet-friendly. That’s why we created Coverlastic for you. A one-of-a-kind, basic yet stylish couch cover that may brighten up your living room while also protecting your sofa.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the material used to make the Coverlastic Sofa Cover?

The Coverlastic Sofa Cover was made out of spandex Lycra by the designers. It won’t shrink unless it’s dried on a high heat setting, and it’s wrinkle-resistant, so users won’t have to worry about ruining a room’s theme.

2. What is the minimum size of the user’s sofa in order for it to fit?

The Coverlastic Sofa Cover comes in only one size, but that size is determined by the curve of the furniture. Covers for a chair (32-47 inches wide), loveseat (55-69 inches wide), sofa (71-91 inches wide), and XL couch/bed are available (91-110 inches wide). The material is incredibly stretchy and flexible, allowing for a smooth and elegant appearance on a body.

3. What makes the Coverlastic Sofa Cover remain put?

An elastic band runs along the material’s edge on the cover. The band is tucked under the edge of the cover when it is aligned on the couch to keep it in place.

4. What happens if the Coverlastic Sofa Cover gets soiled?

This cover may be washed in the washing machine by itself. Other linens or clothes should not be washed in the same machine.

5. Is Coverlastic stain resistant against liquid and food stains?

It certainly does! Coverlastic is 100 percent waterproof material that can withstand most liquid spills.

6. What colour options do I have?

Coverlastic is available in a variety of colours, including sand yellow, dark brown, light brown, black, grey, and navy blue.

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