Chill Pill Reviews 2024: Does This Works or SCAM

Chill Pill Reviews: The Chill Pill sleep aid, a popular new handheld device, uses electrotherapy to cure insomnia. Electrotherapy involves delivering pulses of low-intensity electricity to your body to balance the neurochemicals in your brain. As the word is spreading around, many people are interested in taking the brand new chemical-less device to ward off the feelings they are feeling.

Most people nowadays suffer from some form of sleep disorder. This may be anything from an occasional anxiety attack to an inability to fall asleep. The usual treatment is sleeping or anti-anxiety medications like Xanax or valium. But what if you could avoid any sleeping or calming aid?

Chill Pill

One person out of ten has some sleep disorder related to stress and anxiety. Some get night sweats, and some get panic attacks. This is when you seek solace in alcohol to help you go to sleep. Chill Pill has created hype claiming that it can help you with sound sleep and avoid stimulants, narcotics, or sleeping medications.

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Hence, we decided to give it a shot and documented everything. Moreover, we have tried comparing the results with the company’s claims. Is it a miracle device that can help you fall asleep faster? Or is it another device falsely claiming to help with stress relief and cure sleep disorders?

What Is Chill Pill?

Chill Pill by Mend Your Mental is a new device on the market that claims to help with sleep disorders. This handheld device comes in the form of a little pill and is protected by a soft silicon case secured with an elastic band. It is designed to make it feel like a soft pod you can hold while you sleep.

There is no technical intricacy to it. Nonetheless, this miracle product is still in test trials. But, more and more people have found it very helpful.

chill pill Review

The manufacturers claim it can help with many health concerns related to occasional stress and sleep quality. Chill Pill helps restore your natural energy levels, and you don’t need any high-quality herbal ingredients.

Try Chill Pill to see how it can help you with stress relief. The motto of Chill Pill is promoting non-drowsy relaxation, and they are indeed delivering on it. Chill Pill can also help you relieve stress that keeps building up with all the hardships you go through in life.

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There are moments in life when you feel left out, and such times can cause occasional anxiety and stress. Your natural energy levels drop when you grind every day through the same chores over and over again. Therefore, you want less stress when you are about to fall asleep.

This is when Chill Pill comes into play. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use this device; you can order it online, and the manufacturers guarantee it will be worth every penny you spend.

How does Chill Pill Works?

This wonder device works on the process of electrotherapy in which electrical currents are passed through the body to prompt the nerves as well as muscles. All you need to do is to hold the device in your hand while going to bed. The soft pulses in the device would start giving training to your nerves and brain to calm them down. The entire process ultimately works to relieve you of insomnia and anxiety and helps you to fall asleep. The use of electrotherapy technology which employs electronic signals to calm your nerves, is approved by scientific research. The research suggests that the technology also improves the quality of sleep in people who use the device to calm their nerves and obtain relaxation.

How Does Chill Pill Works

The manufacturers of the Chill Pill device use standard quality substances to give it a nice look. According to the details provided by the manufacturers, the device is made from stainless steel. The ABS-certified stainless steel body is wrapped up with a silicone shell from the top. Scientific research on the device also suggests that it is non-toxic and entirely safe, and the body of the device does not have any harsh effect on the skin when it gets in contact with your hand.

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Exclusive Chill Pill features

Some of the exclusive features of the device explored by our review team include:

High durability: The substance used in the making of the device makes it very durable and sustainable to last for long years.

Attractive and colorful appearance: Chill Pill wears a sleek appearance that makes it very attractive. The company offers this product in different colors for you to choose from.

Great portability: The device is quite handy, compact, portable, and lightweight. These features make it very convenient to carry.

Chill Pill Features

Non-addictive: While other prescription medicines to treat anxiety are believed to have side effects, Chill Pill is free from these. Unlike other medicines, people using this device do not form any addiction.

Guaranteed refund: Chill Pill is supported by a guaranteed return policy. You can initiate a refund request by informing customer service within 30 days of your purchase.

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Why Do I Need Chill Pill?

Most people who struggle with occasional stress can sometimes have difficulty sleeping, and these people usually turn to alcohol or sleeping pills to unwind. It is best if you have less stress and can focus on things without worrying if something goes wrong.

A lack of REM sleep can cause other health problems if you don’t have a good sleep cycle. You might have insomnia due to many reasons, and some reasons can be significant. But staying sleep-deprived can cause many other medical issues.

You should consult a licensed healthcare professional for that matter. There is a lot of sleep medication sold over the counter. But there are many side effects to these anti-anxiety and sleep pills.

These medications can help in some cases. Although, their prolonged use can cause you to show resistance, and this is when no medicine tends to help your condition.

This is where Chill Pill comes to the rescue. Chill Pill helps you by generating small electric pulses at regular intervals. Furthermore, it has different intensities and lulls that you can set according to your desired levels.

You only have to use the device while in bed. Put the elastic band on your wrist so you don’t lose it. Hold the Chill Pill in your palm and press the button in the center by clinching your palm.

This is an excellent prop for yoga and meditation. Even in a tense situation, you can use this device to release that negative energy. This can help you relax a bit, focus again and start fresh.

Chill Pill Benefits

Chill Pill is an excellent non-invasive device that can help you counter anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. It can be a medium to unwind all that built-up tension and release any built-in frustrations. Take a peek at how Chill Pill functions and some of the perks you may expect to receive:

Safe Levels of Electrotherapy Stimulation

Electrotherapy is not as scary as it sounds. It will not electrocute you in any sense. Electrotherapy means generating small and controlled electrical pulses or currents for specific treatments. It is used in targeted regions to treat chronic pain, repair tissues, and stimulate muscles.

This is a common practice done by physiotherapists to treat multiple conditions. Chill Pill also contributes to this health-related program meant to neuter multiple physical and psychological disorders. Chill Pill knows how to do it right.

Harmless and Non-Addictive

Chill Pill Reviews

Most people with abnormal sleep patterns or insomnia seek medical help. You might be advised to take anti-anxiety pills or other medication if you have moderate insomnia. They work most of the time but also have a dependency factor and some side effects.

If you have a severe case where medication seems to fail, you might resort to some mental health programs under a licensed healthcare practitioner or psychiatrist. That will cost you time and money. You will go through your savings and time and still have to take medicine.

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Chill Pill helps you avoid all that. It is not addictive and enables you to avoid dependence on psychiatric drugs. Furthermore, it won’t cause you any harm, and you won’t have to fall back to drugs for a good night’s sleep. Hence, it can even help you release frustration in moments of severe anxiety without physical activity.


Chill Pill is a small, easily concealable device to help you anywhere. It has a soft silicone case and strap loop to give you a comfortable grip without causing any attention. You can carry iron on a plane, on a bus, in cinemas, in the classroom, or anywhere.

Its smooth curves make it adjust to the shape of your hand in any orientation. The soft bulge of the button makes it easier to recognize your hand and navigate the device at any desired angle. There is no clicking sound, so that it won’t attract anyone’s attention.

Lightweight, Portable, and Affordable

Chill Pill is a highly soft, lightweight, and portable device. Coming in at just 50 grams, it is lighter than any electronic accessories you carry daily. The soft and flexible rubber sleeve makes it easy to grip without causing any irritation and strain.

Furthermore, Chill Pill comes at a price that can compete with any course of sleeping pills or anti-anxiety medication. Why pay a psychiatrist hundreds of dollars when you can benefit from Chill Pill for less than a hundred dollars? Ready to give it a try yet?

Chill Pill technical facts

As for the technical facts, we could hardly find any information on the manufacturer’s website. Nevertheless, we would like to summarize what the manufacturer has to say about the device in terms of its technology.

  • Made from ABS certified stainless steel
  • Covered in silicone and therefore very soft
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Easy to charge by laptop and USB cable
  • Safe and effective use
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Based on the information given, you can already get a good picture of the Chill Pill and its technical properties. Therefore, we believe that everyone who suffers from insomnia or anxiety, for example, should try them.

Chill Pill device meant for whom?

The use of Chill Pill is safe for everyone who suffers from a bout of worries and stress. However, people suffering from health conditions such as nerve damage or heart ailment should avoid using the device. Over the years, this device has won the trust of medical practitioners also. It is due to this reason that the use of the device is also being advised largely by doctors as a prescription cure. Anyone who is not restricted from undergoing electrotherapy treatment can benefit from this wonderful device.

How to use Chill Pill

This handy device has a very simple three-step using process. First, the users are required to turn on the power. Second, they need to make an adjustment to the pulse. The third step requires them to locate a grip where it can be held firmly.

How To Use Chill Pill

A majority of users find it convenient to use Chill Pill while going to bed. However, it can also be used while you watch television or you work in a seated posture. The convenient structure of the device allows you to carry it outdoors with you for use in public or office.

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Chill Pill Pros & Cons

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Chill Pill Pros

  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Improves sleep quality
  • It helps reduce stress, anxiety, and psychological pain
  • It helps overcome irritability due to stress and pressure
  • A positive alternative to traditional sleep medicine
  • It enables you to stay away from any sleep and health-related program
  • Inexpensive alternative to long courses of sleep medication and therapy
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Chill Pill Cons

  • Not suitable for people with shunts, pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, and ca cardiac loop recorders
  • People with nerve damage should avoid using Chill Pill
  • Not a good choice for anyone with cardiac problems like irregular heartbeats.
  • Unsuitable for pregnant women
  • Not suitable for people with varicose veins, cancerous lesions, or infections
  • Should not be used near the neck and lower head regions
  • Should not be used if you are on any immunosuppressants and muscle stimulators
  • The device is only available through online vendors exclusively

Where can I order Chill Pill?

The Chill Pill is best ordered from the supplier himself. Because here you can be sure that you are getting the original and thus the quality that is promised. To place an order, first select one of the offers and then enter the data in the adjacent order form. When you have done this, the customer will be offered various payment methods from which you can choose one. These include, for example, credit card, instant transfer or Paypal. All payment options have in common that they are easy to use and quick to complete.

They give the buyer a lot of security. Then you only have to place the order with a button. You will then receive an e-mail with a clear overview of everything that is part of the order. If the package is sent, you can use a tracking link to track exactly where it is. So you always have a full overview and a certain amount of control.

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You should actually always take advantage of the offers mentioned if you have the opportunity to do so. They contain not just one chill pill, but several. What is that good for? You always have a chill pill at hand in case the other one runs out of battery. However, you can also equip your family with the beautiful device just as well. You also get a financial advantage. Because even if several Chill Pill devices are included in the offer, you pay a lower price per Chill Pill than if you place an individual order.

So you always have an advantage when ordering. But be careful: These offers are only available for a limited time. Therefore, you should be quick if you want to order Chill Pill in the offer format. It is also not clear whether the offers will return again and in what form this will be. They could then also be much more expensive.

Known FAQ about this product

In this section we would like to give you some more information about the Chill Pill. So you are well informed and can make an even better judgment if you are not yet sure whether the device is sufficient for your needs.

Is the application completely safe?

There is absolutely no problem using the device. It can provide the necessary calm in the situations mentioned and is very safe. Even if it is an electrical stimulation, the device can provide good and above all safe help.

How fast does the gadget work for insomnia, etc.?

In principle, you can expect an effect after just a few nights. However, it is difficult to give a general answer here. In principle, the device works differently for everyone. It makes sense to just try it, see for yourself and be patient. Usually, the device kicks in within a few days, especially if you use it regularly.

When can you expect the order?

The manufacturer strives to complete order processing as quickly as possible. However, he allows himself about 30 days for shipping. However, it can be shorter for some depending on where you are ordering from.

Is there such a thing as a money back guarantee?

Yes, there are. The provider offers its customers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all devices. However, it is advisable to contact him beforehand in order to guarantee a smooth process. If you are not satisfied with your device, you can usually send it back without any problems and get your money back.

How can insomnia be relieved?

It has been the subject of many studies that holding something in your hand can influence insomnia. Accordingly, the gadget presented here can fulfill its purpose in this way and thus also reduce insomnia.

Chill Pill Final Reviews: The Bottom line

Chill Pill is gaining quick popularity as a potential sure-shot cure for anxiety, sadness, and some other mental and psychological conditions. It is being admired for many reasons, but the most important reason for its popularity is its great portability that allows convenient use. Its unique mechanism is based on electrotherapy that works very effectively to cure health conditions and ensures to bring back your sleepless nights.

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Unlike many other cures for the same conditions, it neither makes you a slave of medicines nor does it give you any side-effect. Rather, it promises you a peaceful and sound sleep every night. So Don’t wait, Click here to Purchase Chill Pill today!

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