CHARGEHUBGO+ REVIEW- Portable Ultra Slim Wireless Charging


With USB charging, you can charge your devices on the move without tangled cords. Works with all of the phones. ChargeHubGo+ is the answer to your dilemma. Have you ever had your phone’s battery die when you needed it the most? Thankfully, we are no longer in the era of the Nokia 1100 and phones that suggest a full charge every week or something like. Regardless, current PDA users are fortunate to have their appliances running 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a single line fee. This is insufficient.


While designers work to develop more powerful batteries and better system boosts, the quantity of uses and structure apportions that are commonplace on today’s mobile phones, despite everything, makes it difficult to retain a full charge for longer. This is something that a large number of people have been accustomed to. That isn’t to say that encountering a low battery situation when you’re outside or far from an outlet isn’t annoying, if not downright frightening. Thankfully, this device, ChargeHubGO Plus, comes to our rescue.

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What is ChargeHubGo+?

Chargehubgo +

ChargeHubGO+ may be described as a premium, ultra-slim, all-in-one charger in simple terms. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and take with you everywhere you go. And it’s gaining a lot of traction as a result of its usefulness.

The ChargeHubGo by Boundless Advancements is an all-around beneficial, a great match for our pockets, remote charging station, and power bank. It will, in general, be used to charge all of your widgets that support USB charging as a flexible power bank. Furthermore, it is pre-configured to function in suitable connections with tiny lightning and USB ports. Best of all, the device is compatible with any phone that supports remote charging.

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Features of ChargeHubGo+: 

Chargehubgo Features

1. Speed of Charging

This is one of two characteristics that distinguishes this wireless portable charger from the competition. It has a proprietary SmartSpeed technology that is intended to recognize any device you connect in automatically. This guarantees that you may charge your phone at its full pace without overheating it. However, the user manual states that it may only be charged by one device at a time. The charging pace slows if this is not done.

2. Compatibility

Have a phone that doesn’t support wireless charging? You may always use the built-in cables that came with your phone to connect it. This means your iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as previous devices may still be connected. You may also bring your own wire and charge the USB output if your device doesn’t have a lighting or USB Type-C connector. As long as you have the appropriate connection, this power bank can charge any of your gadgets, regardless of model.

3. Charging capacity

This has a 5000 mAh charging capacity. If you’re not familiar with the term, it simply implies that it has enough power to charge virtually any smartphone device at least once. It features a wired charging output of 5V/2A, which is compatible with nearly every USB-charged item on the market. Smartphones, Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, wireless speakers, and tablets are all examples.

The wireless charging function has a 5W charging capacity. Almost any smartphone that supports wireless charging, such as those from Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Google Pixel, and others, may be charged with this.

4. Safe Charge Defense

This essentially guarantees that the device you connect to it does not overheat or become overwhelmed. This is also due to the SmartSpeed technology described previously.

5. Guaranteed Money-Back

Even though this isn’t really a feature, we believe it’s vital to add. ChargeHubGO+ wireless power bank also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, as if it couldn’t get any better. This simply goes to show how confident Limitless Innovations is in their new wireless power bank. They feel that offering a money-back guarantee is OK since you will not want to return it anyhow.

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How does ChargeHubGo+ work?

Chargehubgo Benefits

Well, using ChargeHubGO+ isn’t that tough. All you have to do is press the power button on the ChargeHubGO+’s side. All you have to do is push it. You have the option of selecting one of four billing methods. Follow these instructions to charge your USB device:

  • Connect your iPhone or Android device to a charged ChargeHub using the USB cable.
  • When you press the side catch, a series of 1-4 little blue lights will appear, indicating the battery level.
  • Relax and unwind as their unique SmpartSpeed Technology takes care of the work!
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Advantages of ChargeHubGo+

ChargehubGo Reviews

·         Compatibility across multiple platforms

The ChargeHubGo+’s overall resemblance is maybe its finest feature. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, or you use Google phones, ChargeHubGo+ can charge almost any PDA rapidly. On top of that, the device may charge other USB devices such as tablets, MP3 players, automated cameras, iPods, and so on.

·         Slender Style

The mount isn’t much more visible than a cutting-edge smartphone. Its security arrangement scenario makes it an excellent item to carry around in your pocket. Despite the fact that the power bank’s motor has a massive and fantastic battery, it’s also very lightweight.

·         Outstanding Possibilities

The product, as of now, is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery. Given the size of the power bank and the position’s health development, this is a great deal. On top of that, the charger has a powerful 15W overall output, which helps reduce total charging time. The long-term power yield will significantly beat 5W. This is due to creative constraints as well as the charger’s fascination with power dispersing headway.

·         Design

If you take a look at the ChargeHubGO+, you will undoubtedly fall in love with the incredible device. It has a matte black finish to it. It has a high-end, sleek appearance that is guaranteed to attract attention. There are two USB cables built-in, which are housed in specially designed slots (at the side). Plastic has been used to create the item (5.5 x 2.9 x 0.4 in size). As a result, it is true to say that it is ultra-light and unlike the large power banks on the market. The four LED lights indicate how much battery life is remaining.

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How is ChargeHubGo+ different from other?

Chargehubgo Benefits

Despite being one of the tiniest power banks that can charge various devices, the ChargeHubGo+ features an exceptional arrangement that puts everything on the line. This object may be a lifesaver for the really valuable activity, thanks to its secure SmartSpeed advancement and general proximity. There’s also the benefit of being able to charge your iPhone or Android phone quickly. Regardless, you won’t have to cope with the usual connection snarl or turbulence while using the connections to charge multiple gadgets.

Even with the charging speed falling when accommodating numerous electronics, the 5v 2a 5000 mAh battery is more than sufficient for your daily charging demands. The lace’s whole is unified by the important conviction that it works with almost any association and model. It’s a straightforward device to pass on with you settling on this thing, a straightforward buy.

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How much does the ChargeHubGo+ cost?

A single order will set you back $44.99. If you buy two, you can get the third one for 75% off (with free USA shipping). If you buy three, on the other hand, you’ll get two extra ChargeHubGO+ units for free (plus free shipping to the United States)—true value for money since they’re just $27 each. Limitless Innovations gives you a 50% discount on a 2-port car charger when you buy the ChargeHubGO+. SmartSpeed Technology may be used to get the most out of this situation.

Where to Buy ChargeHubGo+?

So, what number would be a smart investment for you to make? Everything is dependent on how many cell phones or USB devices you use on a regular basis. The official ChargeHubGo+ website is the best place to get one. You’ll get the greatest price, as well as fast transportation + delivery and a multi-day warranty.

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ChargeHubGo+ Final Review

Aside from its sleek appearance, ChargeHubGO+’s adaptability makes it extremely portable. Carrying the power bank around isn’t all that difficult. We can charge any of our gadgets at least once during the day, thanks to its 5000 mAh capacity. ChargeHubGO+ is also recognized for its proprietary SmartSpeed Technology, which prevents it from overheating or overcharging. Finally, if you come across a gadget that can’t be charged wirelessly or with the built-in USB cables, you may bring your own—ChargeHubGO+ is that versatile! In many respects, this device is well worth its price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use the ChargeHubGo+?

Distant charging is a hotly debated topic in a variety of circles. The dangers of remote charging to a device’s battery have been discussed in several forums, including this one. If you’re concerned about this after all is said and done regarding the ChargeHubGo specifically, you can rest assured that this dependable little power bank is safe to use.

2. How long does it take to charge?

All phones are different, and the time it takes to charge them varies. When wirelessly charging, the ChargeHubGO+, on the other hand, provides an industry-leading 5W charge. This is the same as most high-end charging pads when it comes to power supply.

3. Is Qualcomm Quick Charge supported by ChargeHubGO+?

Because it utilizes its proprietary SmartSpeed® Technology, it does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge. This unique technology will quickly recognize your device and ensure that it charges at the fastest possible rate.


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